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Sunday, March 13, 2011

One of Those Phases

Yesterday my girl and I got out of the house for a MUCH needed mother-daughter date with the sunshine.

So, we grabbed a pizza and made a mad dash to the park for our very own pizza party.

My little girl is growing up. 

She just recently went through "one of those" phases again...

Ya know one of those phases where you blink and she has aged...

Where all of a sudden she is taller...

Braver... Smarter...

Wittier and more thoughtful...

Where she climbs up the big ladder...

And goes down the "curly" slide all by herself...

One of the best days I have had in a long time... Just sayin'

Lovin' my little lady.




18 GOODe Thoughts:

Beautiful girl and what a lovely mama you are! I know the stage you are talking about too well. Enjoy each moment...all of them...the good and ugly to remember and cherish.

Your daughter is adorable! And I so know what you mean by another stage. I was just looking at my 4 year old today and was thinking she's grown another couple of inches in the last few months! It's amazing these spurts they go through:)
Wonderful that you are cherishing every moment with your little one:)

And believe me, she will leave home way too soon!!!
Such sweet pics. :-)

She is beautiful! Looks like you two had a wonderful day in the sunshine! My youngest daughter is 21 next month...seems like just yesterday she was that small.

What a fun "date!" Adam's going through one of those phases, too, although I think it's just because I have newborns on the brain so much and he seems SO GROWN UP!

What a cutie pie. So glad you were able to go out and enjoy the sunshine

Oh, you're gonna make me cry! My baby will be 18 in a few weeks! And part of your nostalgic feeling is probably hormonal too.
Enjoy the time together!

The moments that memories are made of.
She's such a cutie-pie, !

looks like your little pretty one enjoyed your mom-daughter date! Keep on building memories...kids grows up so fast and these moments are worth reminiscing :)


She is so beautiful. Daddy will need to start cleaning the shotgun soon!

She's growing up so fast, Cris...beautiful shots you'll be glad you have. Thanks so much for sharing a great day. :)

Yes... I do think that thought has crossed his mind!

I'm sure I might be just a little more nostalgic ;)

It really does happen... you just blink and they are 5 inches taller I swear!

Now Judy, you are going to make me cry!

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