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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Kitchen is Done, Dude.

Drumroll please...

The kitchen is done, dude!

The walk-in pantry...

The built in family bar...

The double islands w/ double trash cans... ok, one of the trash cans isn't completely done yet.

Sammie the fridge... who politely does NOT take a leak on the floors.

A little TV to making doing the dishes a BIT more entertaining.

The built in shelves my dad built into this old broom closet.

Lovin' the baker's drawer :)

Tons of gadget organization

Lots of dividers for much needed organization...

Now... Truth be told, "done" is a relative term though...

We still have some odds and ends to take care of...

And some furniture rearranging.. just sayin'


27 GOODe Thoughts:

Congrats! What a chore that was!! Looks fantastic!!

What I would do to have a walk in pantry like that one! What fun organizing everything when everything has its own spot:)

Nancy- It was such a long time coming. It used to be a laundry room where the pipes would freeze up every winter! We decided we had enough and moved the laundry room, put in tons of insulation and walled it up into a glorious pantry. Best. Decision. Ever!

Chore indeed! Holy moly it took us sooo long to get here. The kitchen has been torn up since the week BEFORE Thanksgiving.

This gives me hope that someday my kitchen will get remodeled! I love it! LOVE all of the counter space and the pull-out drawers for your mixing bowls!

Awesome blossom! What a relief to have just about everything back in its place. We are "just about" done with the sun room. Our finish date went from Christmas to Valentine's Day to I am hoping Easter. Just have the ceiling fans to install, hot tub to hook up and fill, and a few odds and ends. I know your life is so much less stressful now, or at least a part of it is gone!

Looks beautiful Cris! Happy Cooking!!

It's fantastic! You must be so happy to have the bulk of the work done.

This looks awesome Cris! I love your pantry too! I have a similar one, but it shares space with laundry, lol! The double islands weill be very handy for all your yummy cooking!

your walk in pantry and baking drawer is my favorite! Great Job Cris! You've got a beautiful kitchen.


Congrats momma! Can't wait to see all the cookin' to be had in your beautiful kitchen sanctuary!

If I had it to do all over again, I would have so many of those drawers! Much handier than regular cabinets. LOVE them!!!

Ha! I have been telling folks that the photographs of the kitchen do not speak to the condition of my living room that has had to endure a lot while we have been remodeling! Good luck with your project!

I am so in love with the pantry. Wish I would have done that ages ago!

Thanks so much! I absolutely love that drawer :)

Thank ya dear... and thanks for the great lead on the granite.. and cabinets. Love the guys at Cabinet Barn!

Lookin' great! I love that walk in pantry!!!!

Gorgous! 2 islands - haveing a little island envy!

Love your new look!! I wish I could do my own kitchen now!! Love, love, love the islands.

This is fantastic!!! Walk-in pantry - AWESOME!!!!!

Congrats on getting it 'done'. Looks like there will be a lot of room to bake up a storm in :)

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