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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gooey Goode Goodeness: Tribute to the Working Mom

One of the things I wanted to share on this blog is some of our family recipes. Some  "Gooey Goode Goodeness" and also some "Goode for You" recipes if you will. --Go ahead and groan, but prepare yourself for plenty of Goode puns... I have put up with them for 11 years and have now officially given up and decided to embrace them!

As I sit here trying to summon my inner Martha and think of the "Goode Things" I should share, (Ok... that one WAS a bit much. I apologize.) I am reminded that honesty is the best policy and while us Goode's can cook, I am by no means a Martha. My house is a wreck and meals around here don't always quite add up to a good thing. (Note: no "e", you're welcome ;) ).

So, while in the future I will be sharing some deluctable goodness and some of my favorite weightloss recipes, I am keeping it real for my first food post. And,in true mommy blogger fashion, I thought I'd do it up right with step by step instructions.

I present to you my tribute to the working Mom: Easy Mac by Kraft.

Or as Add calls it Macin' Cheese. As you can see, the Goode's choose to get the dishwashing-free option. Always a plus around here!

Now first you will want to open the top of this genius all-in-one packaging. Did I mention no dishwashing???

Now wasn't that easy? Well not for me with a camera trying to do it one handed, but I will survive.

Now Kraft assures me on their packaging that all that white junk in there is safe and suppose to be there, so don't be alarmed if this is your first Easy Mac experience. It did kind of alarm me the first time I saw it.

Yuck, I know. But it will all magically disappear in a few minutes--3.5 minutes to be exact--so don't worry.

Now after you have removed the little cheese packet, pour in water to the line on the bowl--genius packaging I tell ya! 

Now hurry and clean out the inside of your microwave. A lady with a camera is taking pictures and the microwave is definitely not ready for her close-up.

I only photoshopped out 1 crumb I promise:)

Now remove the genius microwavable --dishwashin'-free-- container out of the microwave and prepare to create cheesy magic. Pour the powder in the DW free container (loves me some acronymns--government worker that I am :) )

Now mix'er up and viola! Instant happiness right there in a DW-free bowl!

And here comes the best part:

*Please note: Kraft claims this meal is ready 3.5 minutes. The event recorded above took approximately 15 minutes due to camera angles and powdering the microwave's nose.--Heaven help me when I try to shoot something complicated...

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