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Friday, October 30, 2009

Goode to Know: Like It, Love It, Hate It

Tonight is going to be pretty random.  I need to do some brainstorming of blog topics. Suggestions welcome BTW:).  You can comment or email me directly-- and yes I am serious.

So in true random fashion, I am going to do one of my favorite type blogs: Love it, Like it, Hate it :)

I love avocados.

I dislike raw celery.

It bums me out when someone makes fun of someone else.

I love my little girl's new haircut.

Sweets do me in every time.

I adore aprons.

I can't stand bullies.

I love being a facilitator.

I don't like that Big chews up everything in sight.

I love how Add adores Big.

I love that Big lives outside.

I heart cookbooks...but you already knew that.

I could spend hours editing photos I like it so much.

I hate doing dishes.

I hate folding laundry.

I hate making the bed.... do we see a non-domestic goddess trend developing here???

I heart country decor.

I heart using "heart" instead of "love" from time to time.

I love my friends and family and the meaning they bring to my life.

I love and hate El all at the same time (see Dear Ole El ).

I hate traffic.

I really like picture frames. Wooden ones, ones with phrases on them, big ones, little ones... Pretty much anything that holds a picture!

I love reading to Addie.  Favorite book right now: Cock-A-Doodle-Moo!

I really like having multiple Gilberts. Takes the pressure off! Shhh!!!

I hate dust. It is such a bother. Please note: My hatred of dust does not imply that I am good or consistent at doing anything about it.

I hate that I have a very messy car and house. Please note: See above note and substitute "mess" for "dust".

I have really grown to love blogging :)

I love whipped cream cheese. (less calories...and light and fluffy!)

I love the children's program at our church.

I heart listening to Addie sing songs.

I really like my job and the people I get to work with and partner with.

I hate not having enough time in the day.

I love flipcharts and smelly markers.

I hate when a good photo is out of focus.

I love the way my husband loves me.

I heart Gilmore Girls and want to move to Stars Hollow.

I love Pioneer Woman and I am completely addicted.

I heart Rosemary. It is my favorite herb. (Dill is a close second...oh and fresh parsley... but wait... gots to have me some basil and oh thyme....)

I heart fresh herbs.

I hate that I stink at garden growin'.  I am so much better at it in my head.

I hate weeds and their constant neediness to be picked all the time.

I love photoshop and actions... lots and lots of actions.

I hate that the only thing I can get Addie to eat on a regular basis is a peanut butter sandwich... or "Butter Sandwich" as she calls it... which when said in public causes even more mommy condemnation.

I heart hairbows and headbands.

I love that I grew up on a farm.

I love being a big sister.

I hate when someone crushes someone's spirit.

I hate that I am a total night owl that has to get up early in the morning.

I love that Addie loves to sleep in.

I really like pizza... All kinds. Homemade, deep dish, supreme, mushroom, PM Delite Mushroom, PM Papa's Favorite with banana peppers, PM Delite Hawaiian, PM Delite Chicken Bacon Artichoke... you get the point... pretty much anything with cheese and sauce that comes from Papa Murphys!

I hate clipping Addie's nails.  It comes from a bad incident when she was still a little infant and I made her bleed.  Haven't had an interest in clipping her nails since.

I love trackball mice and how my wrists don't hurt when I use them.

I heart the color red.

I love my red kitchenmaid mixer.

I hate my red micro-suede couch and its non-toddler approach to life.

I heart quilts.

I love my chocolate brown frieze style carpet.

I hate having light colored hardwood floors. Love the hardwood--hate the color.

I love that so many of you love this blog. It has been so rewarding... Feel free to send me your ideas for future topics: crisgoode@gmail.com  or comment here.

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I heart your blogs :) Shawn

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