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Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's a Goode Life: Tutus Large and Small

Anyone who doesn't know my husband is going to just have to trust me on this post. I married a good ole country boy over 11 years ago.  He chews tobacco, drinks beer, plays a mean guitar and is one tough dude.  He also will do just about anything for a laugh as you will soon see.

This year he saw that I was making a pink tutu for Addie's halloween costume. Lil Add is a Ballerina this year because every time I put her dresses on her for church she spins around and says, " I a ballerina Mommy, look at me!"

I had made a similar tutu last year for her faux hulu skirt.  I based the pattern off of a tutu my friend Allison made for her little girl one year.  Anyhow, for whatever reason, Add wasn't taking to the tutu too much as I was making it.  Not sure why, but she was less than impressed.  Her daddy on the other-hand fell in love with the idea....for him.

Ya see I would love to sit here and tell you he dressed up to convince little Add to wear her tutu.  But, that isn't exactly it.  In the end, Add fell in love with her tutu.  But that reason alone would not have him standing outside our house next to the highway dancing and leaping (for the record he was totally sober) to get reactions from drivers by.

No, Daddy had stumbled upon a brilliant idea to win the costume contest at our friend's Halloween Party.  He knew if he could pull it off, he was just about the only person he knew that was crazy enough to pull it off.

Weeks of finding just the right leotard, shoes, tights and yards (AND YARDS) of tuelle followed.  Prepare yourselves, what comes next isn't pretty...

There is a lot we take for granted as women... or better yet, a lot men take for granted about being a woman.  Many hilarious moments were had in the assembly of this costume.

For example, watching Mike try to put on panty hose like he would a pair of pants rather than rolling them up like every woman knows to do. Or listening to Aunt Lou explain to him how she was going to put mascara on him:

"Whatever you do, do not blink"

"I don't know how NOT to blink"

"I am telling you if you blink it will be bad"

"But I don't know how to NOT blink!!!"

"Ok, women usually hold their face like this" (Lou assumes the pose)

"Huh? What good does THAT do?"

In the end he won the contest.  But even though he was the best belle at the ball, his pirouette doesn't hold a candle to our orginal ballerina around here:

Very weird father- daughter moment... just glad our Add is a girl.  It would be pretty difficult explaining to a son why he couldn't wear a tutu like daddy...

That's better

Oh and in the end, Gilbert got the honor of wearing her crown.

Oh and in case you wondered what I went to the party as... I was a Facebook page :)  I was going to go as a Cowgirl, but Mike sat me down and told me he was disappointed in my lack of creativity... well THAT was not going to do.  So, after a little more thought, I thought a Facebook page describing Mike's arrival to the party was pretty fitting.  So, I worked on crafting the right messages and pieced the whole thing together using my little inkjet printer.

I have to tell you, I love being married to such a crazy nut.  Mike loves to have fun and bring a smile to everyone's face.  He got pure joy out of seeing everyone laugh and have a good time.

And in the end, we couldn't get the tutu off of little Add...

2 GOODe Thoughts:

Haha, Oh I wish I could read all the FB messages you came up with. Your hubby is crazy! I will not show this to mine or he will think it's a great idea for next year as he walks the crazy line too. Love it!

Haha, Oh I wish I could read all the FB messages you came up with. Your hubby is crazy! I will not show this to mine or he will think it's a great idea for next year as he walks the crazy line too. Love it!

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