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Friday, October 16, 2009

It's a Goode Life: All Better Now

Being two is tough. So is being in your 30's. My Add and I have a lot in common.

We now have a new regular occurrence in our house. A blood-curdling scream that will convince even the strongest skeptic that Addie has accidentally cut off a limb or someone has kidnapped Gilbert at knife point. Upon further investigation you will find that Add just wanted to hand you her sippy cup or that her favorite cartoon has come to an end.

These outbursts are typically short-lived as Add quickly learns that is no way to get what she wants in this house, but they still scare the crap out of me ever time I hear her. I am still the mom---dag gone mother nature again--.

Usually once mom is on the scene Add will settle down and pretty soon she will take a deep sigh and with relief say, "I all better now".

It is like she is saying, "Mommy, I know I was being irrational and now I am going to calm down and handle this like a big girl"

She uses this phrase when she is being super fussy or whiny too. I am about to pull my hair out and all of a sudden...

"I all better now."

It is as if the drama gets to be too much for even her and she is ready to fix the problem. A switch flips and she is back to being sweet little Add.

Ahhh, if only life were that simple for adults. Maybe it is. She decides to change her attitude and it immediately changes her behavior which immediately impacts the lives of others--namely me:)

She reminds me that attitude is 90% of the battle with just about anything: people, goals, projects, chores, etc.

Kind of like if I would just change my attitude about that sink full of dinner dishes in there...

Hmmm. Gotta go. I all better now.

Just another life lesson from my little life coach.

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