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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a GOODe and Messy Life: Meet Tess

WARNING: Neat freaks might want to skip this post--Just sayin'

So... I gots a problem.

Truth be told-- I gots more than one problem...but that is another story ;)

Anyhoo... tonight I have reluctantly decided to introduce you to someone new--

Meet Tess

She's a mess. Tess the Mess, if you will.

Tess is a horrible housekeeper. She strings her mess all over my once lovely, but now ill-managed home. She takes advantage of my busy schedule, mommy guilt, Internet addiction and even the limited time I give El

The nerve.

Tess is not a friend. She kicks me when I am down. She embarrasses me at all the wrong times. Truth be told, she  frustrates the livin' tar out of me. She is like a rude house guest that won't leave and constantly mocks you--not that I know any;)--Or that they would be allowed into my messy house for that matter!  

I keep thinking that one day she is going to magically turn into those happy little Disney animals that help Cinderella as she slaves away... but no. 

Tess... she just sets there...

Sets there mocking me...

So, enough already. You get the picture. I am a messy. Plain and simple.

Creative types often are--and I am ok with it. I have come to realize that us messies sometimes get the short end of the stick. The world is designed for those who like things nice and neat. Messy has it's own sort of scarlet letter in our society--in the form of wrinkled clothes, unkempt car interiors and/or piles of unwanted mail. Oh! The judgement.

Problem is--my visual mind can't operate as efficiently with everything tucked away nice and neat. I operate in stacks, piles and sitings of "where I saw it last". File folders don't create the same visual clues... Filing is a no-fail way for me to lose something... Just sayin'

So, while I realize my house will never look like a page torn from Better Homes and Gardens, truth be told--it has gotten a little ridiculous lately. Ahhh who am I kidding-- for a while now.

My friend Leah says I need to hire a maid-- I don't think I could afford the search party I would have to send in after her... So now before you get ready to submit my name to Hoarders, please know that I do not have a hoarding addiction-- what I do have is a very full plate and a healthy hatred of housework to boot!

I do have a plan to rid myself--at least partially-- of Tess the blasted Mess though. That is why I brought her here tonight. Ya see, I am going to tackle her on here-- where I have the home field advantage. And, I am going to use Tice to do it. I realize this Tess Mess has a lot to do with how I approach tasks that I am completely capable of doing--yet dread (and avoid) with a passion.

I am always yammerin' on about Tice, so I thought I would walk the walk on here and Take Tess to Task with Tice.--say that 10 times fast!

The great thing about Tice is that you can apply what he teaches to any goal or problem. I was surprised--although I shouldn't have been-- at how biblical a lot of his principles are as well.

I am also going to be using Tice to tackle 20 stubborn lbs. over the next 3 months. I lost a lot of weight last year by using the principles that Tice teaches. No weight loss milkshakes, miracle pills or magical 10 minute workouts. The change happened mostly in my mind... sounds easy-- and to some degree it is-- but it does take discipline. Am I enTICE-in' ya yet?

So kick back for a 12 week series of Tice Talk Thursdays.

If you want to read along-- grab a used $5 copy (including shipping) of Tice's Smart Talk and settle in for a read that might just change your life... Just sayin'

10 GOODe Thoughts:

Tess frequently plays visits to my house, too! lol My gal pal the FlyLady and I are constantly trying to kick her to the curb...one 15 minute segment at a time. :) Today I'm having my own little "Anti-Procrastination Day." Maybe I'll blog abt it tomorrow and let you know how it goes. :) Go, me!

Oh my Cris, I'm one of those organization freaks - you know a tote for everything & everything in it's tote. Haha! Just your pics gave me slight heart palpations. :) HOWEVER, I have to say that I am nothing like I use to be & over the years I have learned that stuff like this will wait while we play with our baby(ies), laugh with our husbands and enjoy the things that makes our life special (I don't know about you, but no tote has ever made my life more special!). So I wouldn't worry too much about the mess. It'll still be there waiting on you... :)

Augh! This was like reading the post I'm too much of a wimp to post! I'm going to go clean my kitchen right now! :-)
It's to bad that we don't live closer; we could trade off & help each other clean! (Wonder what we'd actually get done?!)

Oh girl, you sound alot like me!! I came from a family that were so clean and tidy, you could of ate off the floors! Everything had a place too.

As I've gotten older and married and a baby... well that just doesn't happen here in our home....the organization. I just simply can't keep up with it.

Like I tell everyone who enters my home..some planned visits and some not, excuse my messes.

I feel like we live in our home. I mean LIVE in it! It is not a show-house and never will be. There are toys everywhere, crumbs from probably 4 days ago, and probably one if not both of the toilets needs a good scrubbing because I've not got to it yet for the week. But like I say, we LIVE in our home.

Don't get me wrong, I love a little organization. And I have my days where it gets done. But on most days, I have one of those little maids that follows behind you and undo's everything you worked hard at:)

Good morning.
I have to admit... I am a neat-nic.
I had three children under four years of age.
I had to be organized. I would get up before they did, and go to bed after they did. I found that my life went a lot smoother and I was A LOT less cranky, when things were clutter free.
I still get cranky if things start to pile up.
My mom was just the opposite, and so maybe that's why I am so clean.
Best of luck with the organizing! You can do it!

Stopping by from The Girl Creative’s New Friend Friday. I am your newest follower.

I am soooo just like you. I am messy, too, and I can't seem to fix it. Maybe, just maybe I'll buy the book and read it along with you. Or will you be able to teach me everything I need to know in your 12 weeks?!?!?

I found out that we share something in common today when I was checking out Hoosier Farm Babes blog! You and I share a birthday! I knew you were special;)

Jane- Years ago I read up on Fly Lady and it actually worked for a while. I totally forgot about her. Those were the days I ran all over the house with an egg timer...lol

Terra- Sorry to cause ya heart trouble. Rest assure that I won't go overboard on this house work stuff;)...lol! Just need to get it back to where I feel good about it;)

Holly- If you lived closer we wouldn't get any housework done! We'd be too busy visitin'--Your place not mine (too messy ;))

Allison- What a coincidence! I gots one of those lil' maids too!

Kerin- Thanks for the encouragement. I am so impressed by those who can do it all--especially with all those little ones. I'll get there one day...eventually :P

Denise- Thanks for stoppin' by!

Katie- Oh Katie!! Buy it. Best $5 you will ever spend!!! I will love having someone else talkin' the Tice talk with me:)

Cool! The world was definitely blessed on that day! ;)

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