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Sunday, April 25, 2010

GOODe GOODeNESS: Beefy Mexicali

Today's recipe is Aunt Lou's favorite recipe. When we discussed doing the FREEZE-quel together, she insisted that we make Beefy Mexicali.

And, boy am I glad we did! It has become a family favorite! We have already been through both frozen portions from the FREEZE-quel ;)

Aunt Lou discovered this yummy gem in Gooseberry Patch's What's for Dinner Cookbook. I hear she has this awesome sister who got it for her for Christmas a few years ago.

You start out with 8 oz of tomato sauce.

Aunt Lou and I split this can. 

I heart Red Gold Tomatoes. I have shared before that I adored them even before I knew they were an Indiana company ;) One of the highlights of my summer was visiting a Red Gold farm and eating a tomato straight out of the field ... Yum!

Soapbox Side Note: I am not amused by Hunts' new commercial... I can assure you obnoxious Hunts guy that our Hoosier tomatoes are very proudly American... Just sayin'

Anyhoo, you take 8 oz of that fabulous tomato sauce and put it in a mixin' bowl.

Add some canned mushrooms...Yum!

Then grab some chili. With beans or without--that is your choice :)

We like the beans for the added fiber.

Mix'er all up with 1 lb of seasoned ground beef

Then take your pan and spray it with Pam. I split this recipe between two round pans to freeze.

Then layer your tortillas  to cover the bottom of the pan (we used flour instead of corn).

Then add 1/2 of your mixture (1/4 each if you are splitting into two pans like I am here).

Add in 1/2 (1/4 each) can of olives and sprinkle on their yummy GOODeNESS ;)

I heart sliced olives... 

Aunt Lou doesn't though and she despises mushrooms...An you believe it?!?  I have to tell you that her Mexicali is a little naked. *blush* Such a shame.

Then add 1 cup (1/2 cup) shredded cheese. Oooey Gooey yumminess!

Now, pop quiz! Repeat...

Mixture and olives

Say Cheese!

Then pour on 10 oz (5 oz each) of beef broth

Freeze here or pop in a 350 oven until cheese is bubbly.

This was sooo yummy! 

It is a great base for a lot of alterations too. I can think of all kinds of different ways to make this. Next time I think I will double the chili and beef and add some salsa. Then possibly top with avocado and sour cream. I bet it would be good with ground turkey or shredded chicken too.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

Thanks Aunt Lou!

10 GOODe Thoughts:

I. will. be. making. this.
I think I will use ground turkey.
Will let you know how it turns out.

I should have participated in your freeze-a-thon idea earlier.... our stove died this week. We want to have gas installed and get a gas stovetop with a separate oven. I REALLY think that we are at least 2 weeks away from cooking on a stove again! :) Having some meals that I could pop in the microwave would be GREAT right now! We are surviving on a camp stove, haha.

I agree with Aunt Lou :) No olives! (I LOOOOOVE mushrooms though!)

Oh, yeah!

You could make little individual ones using just one tortilla.

When my kids were teenagers, they'd always come home from school hungry. One of the things they liked to make for an after-school snack was to take a tortilla or half an English muffin (or several), spread it with spaghetti sauce, then pile on some shredded cheese and bake it in the toaster oven till the cheese was all melty. If I had other ingredients in the refrigerator, they'd use them, but they were happy with just spaghetti sauce and cheese.

I'll have to try this version, sounds yummy....

Good Morning Cris :)
Another yummy looking recipe. We will have to take this recipe for a test drive. One of our sons hates mushrooms. I can't understand it .... I don't remember dropping him on his head when he was a baby...hmm?!
Hope you have a geat day!

I am totally going to try this, looks yummy!

This recipe looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out at the McFarland Residence!

Stopped by from Kerin's blog. YUM that looks and sounds delicious and I will HAVE to try it!!!

Leslie- You will soooo love it!

Shannon- Wow! I hope you get it soon. Can't wait to see the DIY pics when you install it ;)

Thanks Jeannie!

Ilene- That is a fantastic idea! My little Add would love that!

Kerin- I know that must have happened to Aunt Lou ;)

Hoosier and Frugal- Enjoy! You'll heart it!

Darlene- Thanks for stoppin' by! Kerin is the best!

Cris - No, I was not dropped on my head dear sister....unless you did it...now that I could believe! ;) hahaha

Leslie - I use ground turkey in mine and love it! :)

Ilene - I make mine in the small foil disposable loaf pans (which don't have to be disposable at all! haha) and that works out perfectly for 2 servings...which means I don't have to eat the same thing every night for a week. Big bonus in my book! :)

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