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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A GOODe Snoodle

I realize that I now live in Veggie Tale world and most of you don't, so forgive me if this post bores you.

As you know, Miss Add is a full on fan... a Vege Head so to speak ;) But truth be told, Mommy and Daddy are fans as well. Which is GOODe. If we  have to watch something over and over and over again, we just as well enjoy it.

Now if you are familiar with talking with tomatoes and waltzing with potatoes, you know how silly things can get. Silliness such as missing hairbrushes, cheeseburgers and songs of the cebu... just to name a few ;) So, when we were watching A Snoodle's Tale, this little story caught me a little off guard when it touched me the way it did...

Wikipedia's Summary of  "A Snoodle's Tale" Below:

In the main feature, "A Snoodle's Tale," Bob narrates the story of a whimsical little creature known as a Snoodle. The Snoodles live in Snoodleburg, a town which features prominently a large clock tower in the center. Every fourth Tuesday, it spits out a new Snoodle which slides down a chute to join the Snoodle society.

We witness the birth of one such creature named Snoodle Doo. He is born without any knowledge of his talents or abilities, but has on his back a backback which contains paints, a paintbrush, and a kazoo He also discovers he has wings. Attempting to figure out his purpose in life, he tries to utilize these gifts: first flying and then painting. But his attempts are met with ridicule by the older, more experienced Snoodles. Making matters worse, they paint him pictures of his failures and stuff them into his backpack. The weight of these pictures (and figuratively their ridicule) drag him down, making him feel worthless.

He decides to leave Snoodleburg and, observing the finches flying freely over Mt. Ginches, decides that he too will go there. After an arduous climb he eventually reaches the peak. There he meets a Stranger, the Creator of the Snoodles (which is a representation of God himself), who lives in a cave high above the clouds. The Stranger asks the Snoodle why he is so dejected, and the Snoodle explains that it's because he is no good at anything. The Stranger invites him in for tea and throws the hurtful pictures into the fire, assuring him that he looks nothing like them at all. He draws him a new picture, one that shows him confident and proud, encouraging him not just to fly, but to soar. The Snoodle's own picture, the one ridiculed by his elders, the Stranger hangs on his fridge.

The story ends as the young Snoodle flies back to Snoodleburg and tells of his journey to the others.

I know this is a kid's tale, but as an adult this message is something I need to hear-- as silly as that may seem. I need to hear it so that I don't paint hurtful pictures for others. I need to hear it so that I focus on the only picture that matters and not the ones others paint for me. I need to hear it so that I don't settle for flying, but strive to soar. Bob says God made me special after all ;)

I just had to share the bit of wisdom I found hanging out in the grocery aisle... I'll be here all week--no really, I will.
Now, don't mind me as I dive into a stack of storybooks. I am sure there are plenty more sage little tales waiting to enlighten me.

Come to think of it, no wonder my little life coach is so smart--she's gots some GOODe resource material!

For those interested: 
A Snoodle's Tale Part 1

A Snoodle's Tale Part 2

A Snoodle's Tale Part 3

4 GOODe Thoughts:

I always enjoyed watching Veggie Tales with Liv. It is amazing how much message they can pack into a little kid's show.

What a cute story! I can't remember having these books when my kids were little. I am sure that they would have loved them though!
Hope you are having a great day!

You funny lady!
My girls are teenagers and we still call each other Silly Little Pickle and Silly Little Pea!
I think Veggie Tales is timeless!
And wholesome.
And fun.
And for the grown-ups, just as much as for the kids.
But maybe we are just tall kids.
That's it.

I always enjoyed watching Veggie Tales with Liv. It is amazing how much message they can pack into a little kid's show.

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