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Monday, April 26, 2010

GOODe Project: Personalized Decorative Pillows

I just heart making these little pillows.

They are super simple and personalized.

You just grab some muslin and tea stain it if you'd like. Once your fabric is ready, cut it into a square or rectangle. Then just use a pencil to write out whatever you want your pillow to say. Your imagination is your limit ;)  (Remember to only use half of the space. You will fold in half after you are done stitching your design to make your pillow). 

I suppose you could use patterns if you'd like, but what is the fun in that?

Then just backstitch your lines.

Super quick. Super fun.

You then fold in half--wrong side out. Sew up 3 sides with a machine or by hand.

Turn right-side out and stuff a little stuffin' inside. Then stitch up the side. I use an overcast stitch.

Nice and simple. I love decorating with them. I even use the little ones on my Christmas Tree in the winter.

Now... just what little sayin' to do next. Hmmm... Ideas?

The Girl Creative


7 GOODe Thoughts:

Those are adorable. I'm going to click the link and learn to backstitch again. My grandma taught me a few years ago, but I have forgotten.

How about a "spring" one with a couple little flowers?

Or maybe a PB inspired "nest" one with a bird outline?

Hi there Cupcake!
So... now are you addicted to banana cake like I am???!! I know.. it's a shame.
Love your little pillows and as soon as I finish my dish towels I am going to make me a cute pillow to put on our bed. Will be cute, I'm sure.
I'm off to the market. I'll catch up with ya later . Have a wonderful day !

Your little pillows are adorable! I am also a Diet Coke drinkin Nikon camera picture taking gal!

Cute blog!


The last time I tried to sew anything, my very talented sewing friend had to hide her giggles at my attempt. So, I'm pretty jealous right now. :)

I love the pillows. I have words all over my house, so these would be a perfect addition!

Thanks for following along at Sugar Tails. I look forward to getting to know you better!

Katie- I love those ideas!

Kerin- Glad you stopped by. That Banana Cake was killer!

JenJen- Sounds like we got a lot in common ;)

GlowinGirl- These are super simple to sew or you wouldn't see me doing it...lol! Most of my sewing involves the no-sew glue ;)

Love these pillows Cris!!I should try to make one and add it to my pillow collection! :)

Love the pillows, they are so cute!!

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