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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GOODe Friend: Beyer Beware

One of my girlfriends just started a new blog: Beyer Beware - Mother Running on Empty.

You gots to check it out.

Not only because some fabulous graphic designer designed her blog header ;)...

But, also because Leah's got a knack for my favorite kind of bloggin'... tellin' it like it is :) 

Leah's a working mom on the run (literally--she is training for the mini-- I said she was my friend, I didn't claim she was sane ;P) with a love for starbucks and wine. She and her hubby have two adorable kiddos that keep her hands full and heart fuller. 

Whether the subject is motherly guilt, poop or running, Leah keeps me laughin' online as much as she does in real life... 

And did I mention she had an uber fun header?!?

I had the pleasure of cooking up her header by using the following recipe: 

Taking 1 of her favorite families...

And tossing in a few of her favorite things...

and adding in one cup of her favorite beverage...



Now that is what I call photoshop friend fun!

5 GOODe Thoughts:

awe, I am so honored. I feel like I need a badge that says I was featured on Goodeness Gracious!! And thanks for the fabulous header!

Looks like you know her so well! Love both of your blogs! Even though I'm somewhat of an empty nester now, both of your blogs take me back to the days I juggled it all...Timeless!

What a great header you made! I will have to check out the new blog. I am also an empty nester.. and love to read about how you gals with young families do it all. I am so impressed with your sense of humor, and taking things in stride :)
Have a great day!

Okay Cris-- that header is adorable!
Can I pay you to make me one? Seriously.
I can "do" Photoshop, but I don't know enough to make stuff like you do.
You can email me-email on my blog if you want to.
AH! I see you have a badge, now, too! I will take it over to my blog and place it there :)
You are so very fun and creative!
P.S. email me :)

awe, I am so honored. I feel like I need a badge that says I was featured on Goodeness Gracious!! And thanks for the fabulous header!

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