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Thursday, April 8, 2010

GOODe Grief: Message in a Window

Tonight Miss Add and I met up with Aunt Lou to check out her new car and grab a bite to eat during an impromptu girls night out.

Right off the bat table talk was consumed by tales of who's who...

No, not the typical girlie gossip.

But, rather a primer on Addie's nicknames for everyone.

Miss Add was asking about Pooh (Daddy) and telling Kangaroo (Aunt Lou) that Mommy was Tigger...

Hoo Hoo Hoo

Then the waitress asked my darling two year old her name and Add didn't miss a beat and said, "Elephant"...

After introductions were over, discussions quickly shifted to the latest mystery at the Goode house.

I began telling Aunt Lou about how freaked out I was earlier in the week.

Ya see, the other night Pooh was away and Tigger was putting Elephant to bed when something caught my eye in our big bay window...

Someone had written the words "HELP US!" on the outside of the window. Even freakier, the culprit took the time to write it backwards so that it could be read clearly from inside the house!

Upon closer inspection, there were more unintelligible words jumbled below the call for help.

This beyond freaked Ole Tigger out.

Que the scary music. Was I in a slasher film and unable to read a clue that would save me and my Elephant???

After making a panicked call to Pooh--who was TICKED at the jerk who wrote that fearful note-- I quickly took Elephant and locked ourselves in my bedroom for the night.  Because evil could get through a deadbolt and front door lock, but my puny bedroom lock would protect us.

Anyone who has ever slept in a bed with a two year old knows this decision-- on a work night -- was not made lightly.Long hours of tossing, turning, sleeping on 1/10 of the bed and gasping every time I heard something go bump in the night followed. Then, it was time to go to work.

The next day Pooh inspected the evidence and became angry. If someone thought this was a joke, he was not laughing. Jokes are great, but scaring his family was no laughing matter. He made calls to the usual suspects and no one was confessing... He vowed to give the culprit a talking to when he identified them.

With no identified suspect, what is a mother to do?

In my stealth-like CSI method, I put Elephant's sidewalk chalk out on the front porch.

If someone wants to send me a dag-gone message, then by gollie they should write it out so I can read it!

I mean if someone had given Jason or Freddie a way to truly express themselves creatively, maybe they would have turned out a little differently... Just sayin'

As I told all of this to Kangaroo, I shared how violated I felt that someone would come right up on my porch and write this while I was away.

Kangaroo's response?

A big grin.

Uh oh... I think I found the culprit...

All I could think was how MAD Pooh was going to be at Ole Kangaroo... She had NO CLUE what she had just gotten herself into.

She then laughed...

While I could see her side of this--humorous as it was-- did she REALIZE that I lost an entire night's sleep over her prank...

"Mike did that months ago, don't you remember?"


"Yeah, we were on the front porch and you locked us out. He wrote that on the window trying to get you to let us back in. You were right there the whole time."


So we have learned a few things here this evening...

#1 I am a big Ole scaredy cat

#2 Neither Mike nor I have a memory worth anything. 

#3  I have an extremely overactive imagination.

#4  I do not wash my windows nearly enough...

10 GOODe Thoughts:

I love being your friend. Love, love you dear! LMAO!

Oh my! I think I would have high-tailed it out of there! haha! I'm a BIG fraidy cat! Don't feel bad, I nearly went for the gun one night because I was home alone with Liv late one night & thought someone was trying to break in the back of the house only to find out it was a couple of possums getting ummm...a little amorous...I immediately had hilarious images pop into my head and I laughed and laughed and laughed. Toby laughed about it to & said he could see me getting arrested for discharging a firearm in town over a couple of in-love possums - LOL!!!

Too funny!
I would have been a bit nervous also.
So...whatcha going to do to get even ? :)

Oh my goodness!! I would of been right there with you....scared as scared could be!! In my ripe old age, I am still scared of the dark and things that go bump in the night. I don't reckon I'll ever get over that fact! lol

I am glad it was just your hubby writing messages to you in the end....but maybe tell him next time (he gets locked out) to write something more encouraging or meaningful... like "I LOVE YOU"...or "I NEED CHOCOLATE" or something like that!!....:)

I'm with Kerin on this one....I think this calls for a "get even" approach....'Just Sayin' :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA This freaked me out as I read it.
I LOVE that you guys did it though... :)

I am glad some humor came from it all... because I was seriously scared.

As for getting him back, it really isn't entirely his fault... I was right there when he did it... I just forgot and so did he. And, technically he was writing it because I had locked him out... so, I am thinking I best let this one go... before someone gets hurt! Lol!!

Mike got tickled at your story of your possums in love ;)

Hilarious story! Thanks for commenting on my blog today. If you decide to go with gravel, be sure to post pics!

Mike got tickled at your story of your possums in love ;)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA This freaked me out as I read it.
I LOVE that you guys did it though... :)

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