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Friday, April 9, 2010

It's a GOODe Life: Just Sayin'

Dandelions should be declared a flower NOT a weed. Just think of all of the money and effort we'd save fighting them... I mean seriously, every preschooler knows that dandelions are flowers and every mother treasures that first bouquet carefully picked by her tiny tot as if it was a dozen roses. Why do we need to complicate this matter? So, if you drive by my house and see a yard full of weeds, just know that this family calls them flowers... Just sayin'

I don't know why I torture myself by watching Steel Magnolias. I truly LOVE the movie, but I always end up crying myself into a blubbering mess by the end. Truth be told, my reaction to this movie has only gotten worse (x 1000) since I now have a daughter of my own. And, in case you were wonderin', I am not a pretty crier. Like most things, I go all out... tears, snot, can't breathe, red blotches, swollen face--the works. This is definitely a movie I should not watch in public... Just sayin'

Guilt-ridden Easter candy is my personal enemy. It either goes into my already hyper two year old along with my motherly guilt or into her mother and subsequently her mother's thighs along with my womanly guilt.

The other day I was confessing my diet-lacking sins to my poor husband who was not paying attention to me. Imagine! Out of nowhere he says, "Your grass is growing"-- referring to the yard that needed mowin'. My selective hearing dropped the "gr" in "grass" and became quite offended at his frankness in referring to my backside. So, now the common sayin' 'round these parts regarding my round parts are "I know, my grass is growing". Guess it is time to talk to El  : / ... Just sayin'

Toys that require screwdrivers to change batteries should be outlawed. It is a pain in the patootie and irritates me. If I can't figure out how to keep my kid from sucking on a battery, perhaps I shouldn't be parenting... Just sayin'

I am sooo over laundry. Mounds of dirty laundry...mounds of clean laundry... and socks--blech! I am considering a boycott. So, if you see me wearing the same outfit for a week, you will know what's going on... Just sayin'

My husband makes killer bruschetta. I never really liked it until he made his own Julie and Julia version and it was amazing! I can't wait to try it with summer fresh tomatoes. Yum! Could eat a ton of it... ahem... like I said, I need to talk to El. Just sayin'

11 GOODe Thoughts:

Love those mis heard sayings. ~~ "Fine lady" to me sounded like "finally" when I was finished getting ready to go somewhere with my husband. Take care,

I have a bouquet of your kind of flowers on the counter right now! Great post!

Lol Patricia!

Thanks Leah. Aren't they the best?!

After 20 years of doing laundry in my home- I DO put my outfits back in the closet (if they don't smell too bad), and somehow they shrink while hanging in there if the peanut butter cups are on sale. Just sayin'.
Girl- I would so love to sit and blubber with you over Steel Sagnolias- bring on the Kleenex--
Our yard is full of flowers, too.

Do you wanna know something even funnier?
The "word verification" on the comment I left above- God's honest truth: waistoba.
Oh, great- and I just noticed I typed SAGnolias in the post above- goode grief!
I think I'm gonna go take a nap--

Steel Magnolias and peanut butter eggs in one post? Girl, you are speaking our language. :)

My daughter is type 1 diabetic and struggles with the illness, so of course this movie is painful for me. I pray for a cure for this terrible disease.

My pleasure GP ;)

Farmhouse, I can only imagine. Your daughter is in my prayers.

I have a bouquet of your kind of flowers on the counter right now! Great post!

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