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Monday, April 19, 2010

GOODe Idea: Homemade Steamer Bags

I heart steamer bags. 

Problem is they aren't cheap and with only 10 bags to a box, they run out way too fast.

I also heart Press'n Seal...

Truth be told, I heart it more.

I know, I know-- I shouldn't play favorites with my GLAD products--someone might get jealous.

But in these tough economic times a gal has got to do what a gal has to do. I've been thinkin' it might just be time for one of these lovely luxury items to remove itself from my budget... (And yes, I just referred to plastic wrap and steamer bags as luxury items...)

So, I gots to thinkin' how could I use one product to serve as both...

Enter my Press'n Seal Steamer Bag Invention ;)

Take one square piece of lovely luxury Press'n Seal

Add vegetable(s)

Seal sides to make your steamer bag

Leave steamer hole in one corner.

Ta- Dah! 

Luxury GLAD products budget cut in half... 

Oh, Mr. Ramsey would be proud... Just sayin'


2 GOODe Thoughts:

Good Morning Cris!
I haven't tried the steamer bags yet, but I have tried the press & seal... good stuff!
I'm off to spend a bit of time in the kitchen myself today :0
Hope you're doing something fun today:)

Mr. Ramsey would be proud!
Thanks for the tip!
(And the Sunshine Award! I passed it out already!)
You are a blessing!

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