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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesdays: Pasta Salad... yeah... I said salad...

Dear Reader... 

This morning my bathroom scales said something to me that truth be told I didn't like one bit. Now, I am not a gal that goes gossiping about what is said in private conversation, but let's just say she was quite rude and I plan on stepping on her every morning for quite some time just to shut her up... that and I think El and I have got some reaquaintin' to do... yeah me... she is such a delight... just sayin'.

In related news... Did I mention that my bridesmaid dress for Aunt Lou's quickly approaching wedding came in today. The good news?... It zips... My goal is to keep it that way and perhaps even be able to do so in the future without having to use... oh say... a set of pliers... 

So, that means this mama has some lightenin' up to do on my end (literally;)) and I am going to talk about it in a new series... Weight Loss Wednesdays. Now don't go getting worried... we are still going to have fun with this... and, I still am gonna cook up some GOODe food that is far from diet food during other times of the week... just sayin' 

However, you will probably be seeing some other dishes here that are going to help me tighten up my waist line. 

Now, I have told ya before that I am not a big fan of salad... and I am going to try to change that... but in the meantime, I thought I would start out with a gateway salad... pasta salad.

Now before you go tellin' the diet police on me... I took my normal pasta salad recipe and I tweaked it a bit...

I started out with about 2 cups chopped tomatoes.

Then I added in 1 cucumber that I seeded and chopped up.

Normally I would then add 2 cups of cooked and chilled rotini... But, this time I cut the pasta in half and used a fiber enriched white pasta to help me up the fiber in the dish and cut the calories. It also means that I get double the veggies...

Now I add 1/3 cup of my favorite fat free Italian dressing, then salt and pepper.

And mix 'er up

Now chill out and then serve it up with some yummy pre-cooked chicken strips.

Have you tried these??? Holy cow I love them... they save me so much time and they are quite yummy on their own.


Click on the card to print.

So do you have a favorite salad that doesn't turn you into a rabbit?


9 GOODe Thoughts:

You are in good shape with your dress! I'll have a pair of plyers on hand for my dress anyway! ;)

As for a salad, Michael and I have a way of making up a grilled chicken salad that I actually LOVE. We use baby spinach. Then Michael cuts the leaves off of some romaine lettuce hearts and I cut up some grilled chicken breast. Sprinkle a little cheese and low fat or fat free ranch dressing and we are in salad heaven! (Did you ever think you would hear me say that?! haha) We get the chicken when it is on sale and the other ingredients at Ruler, so this is a cheap AND healthy meal for us. Double score! :)

I think this could be a new RFOA project! SERIOUSLY! Who better to talk about healthy eating habits with a little sugar mixed in? ;-) I have heard a couple other fine upstanding RFOA members grumping about weight on FB just this morning, and I'm in the mix. Maybe if we all join in, we will keep each other honest, light and healthy! I'm so in that I'm going to go to my WW page and record what I've eaten today! GAME ON!

Weight loss wednesday...I am so in. Just let me polish off these doritos first...

When my brother got married, my dress didn't even think about zipping. Thankfully I found a wizard of a seamstress that made it fit. I too definitely need to join in on Weight Loss Wednesday, but the 2 piece of coffee cake and blueberry muffin that I've already had to eat today and probably not helping considering I'm currently drinking a sweet tea. :-)

looks delightful! I have a great grilled steak and pasta salad with Gremolata dressing recipe that I need to share with you...it is yummy and light!

Looks great! I am all over eating light!

Thanks so much for sharing.

Come join in on my WEEKLY RECIPE LINK PARTY.."Made it on Monday".


I'm with you...salad is just not my thing. Unless it has lots of cheese and croutons and salad dressing that completely negates the purpose. It's sad really.

I like the idea of a gateway salad. Maybe I should start making some of those.

Look at me joinin' in with a dinner of movie popcorn (extra butter) and peanut M&Ms.
The peanuts count as nutrition, right?
And I did have water instead of Coke.

We get a farm share every summer, and it always starts out with tons of spinach and other salad greens. One of our favorite things to do is cover a big plate with leaves and then top it with something tasty like seasoned canned salmon (no mayo!) or tofu in spicy peanut sauce. It's amazing how many leaves you can chomp down along with each bite of a yummy protein!

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