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Friday, April 8, 2011

Holy Cow Cake

Holy Cow!


The dessert recipe you chose from the yet-to-be released Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Quick and Easy Autumn Recipes made for one yummy treat for this Early Bird Reviewer's family.

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This super rich and sweet cake takes about every wonderful ingredient in the world and puts it together in a pan to make an oeey gooey cake that certainly makes you exclaim... HOLY COW!

You just bake up a chocolate cake in a 9 x13 pan

Meanwhile, combine 1 jar of caramel sauce and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk.

This is the ooey gooey part...

Or the oooh ahhhh factor ;)

Now while that cake is nice and hot, poke holes in it.

Now pour that gooey awesomeness all on top.

And crunch up half a butterfinger bar and sprinkle on top.

Now chill baby for 2 hrs in the fridge

When the cake is nice and cool, take a brick of cream cheese, a tub of cool whip and 1 cup of sugar and mix them up into a heavenly icing.

And yes I used the low fat versions... trimming the calories/fat where I can... because HOLY COW there is a lot of awesome sweet stuff in this baby ;)

You know where this is headed... pour it on top baby...

Oh yeah...

Now sprinkle the other half of the Butterfinger on top.

Now cut into the awesomeness...


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1 Chocolate Cake Mix-prepared
14 oz Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
12 oz Jar Caramel Topping
8 oz Cream Cheese
8 oz Cool Whip
1 Cup Sugar
1 Butterfinger Bar-crushed


1. Bake cake according to box. 
2. Mix milk and caramel.
3. Poke holes in hot cake and pour caramel/milk mixture over top and sprinkle half of candy bar on top.
4. Chill for 2 hrs in fridge.
5. Mix cream cheese, sugar and cool whip together.
6. Top chilled cake with icing and remaining candy bar crumbles.



14 GOODe Thoughts:

Oh my! I believe I've had this cake before and I believe it goes really well with some red wine:)

Sound and looks real good like moist cakes.

this looks like a Paula Deen recipe I have made many times but it goes by another name (better not put it on here....you probably know the name), but she uses toffee chips...yummy. I will try Butterfinger, one of my hubby's favorites.

What a cake!
I love your w.w. cream cheese :)
Way to save on calories :)

Oh, I am so making this cake!! I have to change the candy though, my husband is allergic to peanut butter, so I have to think of something else that would work. Oh my, I am so thinking dessert for dinner tonight!!

Yum! I have to try this!

Holy Cow is right...thats what I'd be if I started eating this! Because I wouldn't want to stop! (lol)

Thanks for joining in on the Blog Hop!

I hope you will link up more of your recipes on
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Links open every Wed.-Sat. :)


Thanks for linking up on 2 Maids a Baking!! Yum!!

Awesome! I am SO gonna make this for my church small group meeting this Sunday!

Wow! That looks gooey and VERY addicting! YUM!

Awesome! I am SO gonna make this for my church small group meeting this Sunday!

don't think i can stomach this... too much sweetness, but it's oh sooo tempting!

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