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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peanut Butter-Banana Roll-Up

There are very few things in life that Miss Add enjoys more than peanut butter... and if you add banana to it, my little monkey is completely sold.

So when this Early Bird was reviewing the yet-to-be released Gooseberry Patch Cookbook, Quick and Easy Autumn Recipes....

And I came across this lovely recipe for Peanut Butter-Banana Roll-Ups by Wendy Ball of Battle Creek, MI, I knew it was going to be an Addie approved GOODe Thing ;)

Ya see, that is what I LOVE about GP... they take simple ideas like this and bundle them up in a beautiful books that make me what to try them...

Ya see we do peanut butter sandwiches around here non-stop... and I love that we now have a different twist to throw in the mix that involves a whole wheat tortilla... and my girl LOVES it...calls it her peanut butter banana burrito. Mommy score!

Ya just take a tortilla and heat it up, then grab your favorite peanut butter... JIF family here... partial to the honey peanut butter especially ;)...

Now spread it out, all the way to the edges

Cover with sliced banana (fluff and/or jam also worthy companions)

Stop for a minute and enjoy the wonder of it all ;)

Now... roll 'er up and watch her smile :)

(NOTE: To print the recipe card only, click on the card and then right click to save or print the card only.)

Have you entered to win Quick and Easy Autumn BEFORE you can buy it? Whatcha waitin' for?

Side Note: I do believe these are the last photos of Miss Add with her piggie tails... she now has the cutest little haircut that I will have to take pics of and show you all. Be gentle though, her Daddy is missing that long hair... but it turns out when a certain 3 yr old says "Daddy please take me to the "short cut store"" a certain Daddy 'round these parts just can't resist.


9 GOODe Thoughts:

My 8 yr old just called this for lunch ;)
Actually spreading pb on apples is a hit too, and apparently breaks down the sugar in the apple and makes it absorb into your body slower so you feel full longer too.

SO cute is little Miss Add! And the protein in the PB and the complex carbs in the whole wheat tortilla makes it a far better snack than fruit alone.

I love PBJ+bananna's! This is a nice twist on it for the kiddos.

Oh, my, the picky eater in our house will love this! Thanks!

yummy. I've been eating peanut butter on a slice of bread with a banana in the middle (like a hotdog) a lot lately!

I would have NEVER pictured a taco and peanut butter!!!!


That looks so yummy! I am a 60 year old Gmaw who likes peanut butter and banana sandwiches a lot. Try adding a little crushed pineapple to the mix for variety also.

I can't wait to get my copy. I have a feature recipe in this book. These recipes you've been posting sound so yummy and easy.

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