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Friday, April 1, 2011

Holy Dipstock Batman: Easy Mexican Dip AND Vickie's Favorite Guacamole

As you might recall last fall, I participated in Saucy Dipper's Dipstock...a celebration of all things dip.

Well this spring's Dipstock is upon us and the timing couldn't be more perfect! 

Ya see this Gooseberry Patch Early Bird Reviewer just received the latest Gooseberry Patch Cookbook, Quick & Easy Autumn--due out in May.

Now expect a full review of this awesome little cookbook on Monday-- along with an opportunity for you to win your very own copy BEFORE it hits store shelves. But, in the meantime, we gots to get our dipstock on!

While trying to figure out what to make for you, it occurred to me that I don't need to go making all those hard decisions! That is what I gots you for dear reader :)

So the other day, I asked you what I should make for Dipstock and you responded... boy did you respond! 

Over 120 of you voted and 27.5 % of you voted for Easy Mexican Dip.

So, I decided to have a GOODe Ole Mexican Fiesta last night and whip up some Easy Mexican Dip, beans, Mexican rice and I sneaked in Vickie's Favorite Guacamole too... because when the co-owner of a national best selling cookbook company claims something is her favorite... I take notice... just sayin'.

Truth be told, when I saw this recipe, I couldn't believe how easy it was! 

It has 3 simple ingredients... but don't let that fool you. This stuff is YUMMY!

You take a brick of cream cheese and add 2 T of taco seasoning...

And 1/4 Cup of Tomato Juice... now mix'er up. I popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds to make mixing it up easier.

Delish! It reminds me a little of Taco Bell's red sauce and sour cream... even though it doesn't have a touch of sour cream in it! 

We will definitely be making this again!

(NOTE: To print the recipe card only, click on the card and then right click to save or print the card only.)

Now, I know the guacamole recipe didn't come in #2, but we were having a fiesta and no fiesta is complete without guac... just sayin'.

And boy am I glad we did! Yummo! Best guac we have ever had... let alone made ourselves!

You start by mashing up 4 avocados to the consistency you prefer...

Add 2 cloves of garlic--minced

2 T Lime Juice and 1/8 t Kosher Salt

1 Onion- chopped (we used 1/3 of an onion)

Mix 'er up and prepare to enjoy!

Yum. Yum. Yum!

(NOTE: To print the recipe card only, click on the card and then right click to save or print the card only.)


I can't wait to cook up several more recipes from the new Quick & Easy Autumn cookbook... these dips have me convinced it is a winner!

If you still want to vote on what dishes I will share with you next week, the voting is open until tonight at 9 PM!

Then, be sure to check back here on Monday for a full review of the cookbook and a chance for you to win it BEFORE you can buy it!


6 GOODe Thoughts:

That guacamole is practically a requirement at all of our potlucks...and it's always the first to go too! :)

YUM! And I love that you used WW cream cheese! Woo! Snazzy first comment! You go girl!

Hmm. Hmmm. Hmm. Excellent set of dips you got there.

Okay, I'm hungry now and I want one of those cookbooks!!

I am going to have to try that easy Mexicandip for sure. It sounds delish and so very easy. I like that.

Shared this post on Beyer Beware today! Loved your recipes.

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