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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Links I Love: Down the Bloggy Rabbit Hole

Today I opened my google reader for the first time in a long time...

It isn't its fault... It is a useful tool... I love it... really...

It is just that when I get into my bloggy zone, I typically fall down the proverbial bloggy rabbit hole reading this blog or that blog which leads to another blog and then another and it is not quite as organized as what my dear google reader can make it...

Anyhoo... that is just my long way of saying that tonight I am going to share some of my favorite links I have stumbled upon across the blogosphere in the past several days...

No rhyme, lots of reasons... come into the rabbit hole with me...


Did you know that you can make baked potatoes in a crock pot? Or that there is an awesome new Crockpot You Tube Channel called Rock the Pot? Check out Crock Pot Recipe Exchange


I have just GOT to get around to trying Cranberry Morning's Soaps. Doesn't this Moonlight and Jasmine Handcrafted Soap just sound divine?


Since I am planning for a future Disney trip, I have fallen in LOVE with Dad's Guide to WDW. LOVE his tips, honesty and suggestions... it has been a few years since I have been to Disney...just sayin'


These Pom Flowers from Feather Our Nest remind me of those tissue paper flower crafts we used to do in art class in elementary school... oh the nostalgia! Miss Add and I will be making these in the future.


I am fallin' for these adorable Rainbow Cupcakes over at Hush Mama... I think I have a thing for cupcakes... just sayin'


I love this post by little sister over at Much Ado About Lou because it shows my dad's true nature... both the hard work and the fun side too.


The title alone of this recipe from One Crazy Cookie has me drooling: Banana Pudding Cake. Sign me up.


Speaking of amazing recipe titles that make me drool... How about my bloggy pal Ott, A's Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Cheesecake Bars ... Oh my word.


My bloggy pal Miss Leah had me nodding my head while reading her recent post. This quote is a great example of why I love blogs so much... when I read stuff like this, I know I am not alone:

"Of course when working gals get together, all smart phones are on deck. All in a state somewhere between glee and guilt. We feel glee for being with the women who make us feel like we are individuals again. Guilt because we know we have people at home who are waiting for us to bust through the door."


Amanda's Cookin's Black Pepper Beef in Peanut Sauce has me wanting to try something new... I love peanut sauce... so this is definitely going in the Goode recipe file.


Speaking of Amanda's Cookin'... loving her Easter Egg Tye Dye Tutorial (and clean-up ;))


I just LOVE any post where Jent of My Front Porch blogs about her kiddos... the work ethic she instills in them reminds me so much of growing up as a kid on the farm... yet it seems so foreign to most parenting these days. I love how she tells it like it is.


This short little post from Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog's Tails about how extending grace to hurting friends really resonated with me.


Want to learn how to make Chocolate Ganache? Or you already know how, but still want to lick the spoon? Check out Sweet Jeanette's Dark Side post...


It may be that I have come to hate the winter that would never end... but I am really drawn to this cute little Spring Sign from The Pursuit of Happiness... This winter has scarred me so much that I might have to make me one and keep it up all winter long next winter just to make it through!


I gots to try this Chicken Marabella recipe that The Wife of a Dairyman is raving about... turns our mutual bloggy pal Katie loves it too... It is so fun finding bloggy pals hanging out on other blogs by surprise... Miss Katie has been busy... she was just here in Indiana last week, lives in North Dakota and is hanging out with Wife of a Dairyman in California in this post...whew!


My Bloggy Pal Liz is celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month over at 2 Maids a Milking... A month dedicated to grilled cheese?!? I am sooo there... and, her take on the traditional ooeey gooey favorite has me ready to make a big ole bowl of tomato soup and mauw down...


In other bloggy pal news, Miss Lana of Walking the Off-Beaten Path recently finished her sunroom... and all I can say is... I. Want. One.


And last but not least... Miss Add HAS to have these adorable kid's aprons and hats... going to forward this awesome Tidbits tutorial to grandma... STAT!


14 GOODe Thoughts:

Thanks for featuring my spring banner! It's time for some nice weather!

Thanks for mentioning us!! Looks like I need to carve some time out to visit the other blogs featured!! Thanks!

Oh girl, that's a great list! And thanks so much for the mention of sweetjeanette.com!!!
I've just got to check out the other great sounding sites now! Thanks again!

The sun room was a lot of work and waiting, but it was worth it, especially now that the hot tub is up and running! Thanks for the mention!

Thanks for mentioning my post!Check out my post today...you are one of those amazing working mommies I had in mind while writing. :)

Thanks for the mention, Cris! And yes, Katie is a very busy girl! Love the rainbow cupcakes above...perfect for Easter!

Thanks for the shout out! Looks like a great review of outstanding blog posts you've got here.

Thanks, Cris, for mentioning Soap'n'Such handcrafted soaps on your blog today. AND for all the other blogs. I can see I've got a lot of visiting to do!

I love the idea of the Bloggy Rabbit Hole! I've found myself there more than once! Now I'm looking forward to searching through some new links... thanks!

Thanks for the shout out. You are so sweet. Love the list. You found some great things. Now I am off to check them out.

Awww Thanks I truly appreciate it! Your blogs are definatly on my "Bloggy Rabbit Hole" list as well!
And there are a couple here I can't wait to check out!

Oh, thank you so much for these. There are some great ones here for me to check out this weekend!

Thanks so much for the link love, so nice of you!

Thanks for the link up & love Cris! I gotta say...I'm a busy woman and you all are such an awesome bloggy group of friends for me. I am so blessed and thankful! And Chicken Marabella from Nancy is SUPERB.

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