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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GOODe GOODeNESS: Papa Murphy's and The CHILL-ogy Continues...

Tonight we enjoyed a family favorite and a special stay-cation treat.

Papa Murphy's! 


We Goodes order the Papa's Favorite on the DeLite Crust.  

Pop it in the oven for 10 minutes and viola! 

No need for a pan Superman:) Papa Murphy's comes with its own disposable paper pan. I wish someone had told me this the first time I went there. I got it home and realized that I did not have a pizza pan to "bake at home" and ran around this house scramblin' for one for 20 minutes.

We won't discuss why I no longer own a pizza pan/stone. It is a very unfortunate story from a few years back involving pregnancy hormones and a very stubborn pizza stone that could not be reasoned with... Just sayin'

Pssst... don't forget to grab that $2 off coupon that comes with every pizza.

Speaking of coupons... I was at the grocery store today stocking up for the third installment of my FREEZE-O-RAMA CHILL-ogy (trilogy), The BIG FREEZE. While I was waiting in the check out line, I saw the lady in front of me had some Aunt Millie Hot Dog Buns and I gave her my spare coupon for $.55 off. She was so thrilled. You'd have thought I gave her $100. She thanked me, her hubby thanked me and even her 2 yr old thanked me!  I was so happy that I noticed she could use it. I think I made her day and ya know what? She made mine :)

Speaking of my CHILL-ogy... tomorrow I am set to continue my FREEZE-O-RAMA with The BIG FREEZE. I am trying a few new recipes and I can't wait! I have included some marinades that will go great on the grill and fantastic with some of our favorite summer sides!

BTW- If you have a favorite marinade, please DO SHARE! In the summer we live on our back porch  a grillin' and I would LOVE to have some new things to try from my bloggy friends;)

Below is my basic game plan for tomorrow:

Texas Ranch Soup NEW
Beefy Mexicalli
Turkey Tetrazzini NEW
Lasagna in a Pot
Chicken Ham Rollups (unrolled) NEW
Italian Chicken Marinade NEW
Balsamic Rosemary Chicken Marinade NEW
Beef Stroganoff

Whew... I am exhausted already :)

I hope to get more organized over the next month and blog about how we make FREEZE-O-RAMA work for us--Complete with quick sides and tips and tricks--Ya know, fancy tips like:

Don't forget to set out the dish before work... Sure sounds easy, but this is MY major downfall with FREEZE-O-RAMA implementation. GOODe thing we always have a freezer stocked full of Brown Bag Burritos and  Homemade Chicken Nuggets to fall back on :)

8 GOODe Thoughts:

Ooh, you've got me wanting to cook! Can't wait to see how everything turns out!

Your making me hungry :)
We don't have a Papa Murphy's any where close to us...but I loved it when we did!
Looking forward to seeing all the yummy-ness you prepare!
Have a busy and fun filled day:)

Your pizza and your freeze menu both sound yummy!!

Have fun with the Freeze-o-Rama! I'm starting to get inspired to get started on one of my own! If only I could sort out what's in my freezer already...

What time is dinner?
Then after dinner can we watch Veggie Tales?
I'll bring popcorn!

Oooh!!! Can't wait for the Turkey Tetrazini!

Your pizza and your freeze menu both sound yummy!!

Have fun with the Freeze-o-Rama! I'm starting to get inspired to get started on one of my own! If only I could sort out what's in my freezer already...

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