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Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's a GOODe Life: Adventures with Turkey and Fish

Today was a BIG day at the Goode house.

Today we got Add's new goldfish, Turkey. Add has been quite adamant that we name her new fishy Turkey ever since she got a new-to-her aquarium from Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary.

So, today we set out to go find Turkey.

We started out by doin' a little dinner out with the fam.

Ya might notice that a certain tomato tagged along for the ride. Bob is a new addition. We were needing to get Miss Add a new bag to carry her stuff with us when we were out and this little guy seemed perfect for the job!

After dinner we headed over to Wally World and picked out Turkey. Addie picked a nice little orange goldfish. After Turkey was bagged up, we noticed that we had an extra little guy along for the ride in Turkey's bag. Quickly Daddy decided to splurge another $.28 and agreed to buy him--he is a little silver goldfish... poor thing--who would buy a silver goldfish?

 Addie then named Turkey's buddy Fish.  So, there you have it--Turkey and Fish.

Once we got home, Turkey and Fish got used to their new home while hangin' out in the transfer bag.

Meanwhile, I began scrambling to find a net we got a long time ago from a mix up at Walmart. It made it's way in my bag and when I tried to return it, they wouldn't let me--so I stashed it in the closet. I was sooo excited that I could save the buck 50 it would have cost me to buy a new one.

As I began to dig, something seemed wrong... and then I noticed a GALLON of DARK BROWN PAINT had turned over and was pouring all over EVERYTHING in the closet! Ack!

My first instinct was G-I-L-B-E-R-T!!! Ya see this is where I store Gilberts 1-5 when not in use. Much to my relief, no Gilberts were harmed in the making of this evening.

What was harmed were 2 nice red table cloths, a sham wow, all of my Christmas tissue paper, several Christmas gift bags... oh and my carpet...BIG TIME.

It is so bad we are just going to rip it out and put in one of our remnants.

Things then went from bad to worse-- While scrambling to keep it from getting everywhere, I knocked over a box of corn starch!

What a mess! But ya know what was setting at the bottom of the closet unscathed in all the mayhem?

My "bargain" fish net... Whew--glad that wasn't all for nothin'.

I could have bought 30 of them for the price to replace those table cloths alone. Ah, well.

Before long Turkey (orange) and Fish (silver) were all settled in. Much to the delight of Miss Add.

She hearts them.

So much so that when she got up from going "nite nite"  to potty, I noticed her arm was wet. Upon further investigation, I found she had been trying to pet her new pets...

We now understand that if we stick our hand in again, Turkey and Fish will go live in Mommy's room.

Add is in love with these little guys and quickly agreed that she would not touch the tank again.

Truth be told, she is quite attached already.

Goldfish are known for their tendency to go belly up... so I am thinkin' I might not only need to have Gilbert 1-5, but now Turkey 1-5 and Fish 1-5. Trouble is I don't think I can stash them in the closet... Just sayin'

10 GOODe Thoughts:

How adorable! Sorry about your paint mess; that's just awful! :-( Good luck with Turkey & Fish! (It cracked me up that "Turkey's" tank was from "Uncle Tom"!)

Good Morning !
Sounds like you all had a real adventurous day :)
So sorry about the paint mess !
I once had a gold fish names Charlie, and he lived for about 5 years.....so ya never know.

Too funny! I saw your title and thought maybe you had a turkey recipe that I could link up for Turkey Tuesday, but this isn't really what I had in mind. lol.

I love the wet arm thing. How old is Miss Add?

And I forgot to tell you, I love the new layout. Much easier to read!

Holly- I never put Tom and Turkey together! Lol! That made me chuckle.

Kerin- You give me hope! The sales lady said her fishies were doing well too. At least they survived the "petting" :/

Katie- I promise cooking with Turkey is next on my list! ;) It will be a part of my next freeze day. Any suggestions?

Miss Add will be 3 come late July. And, thanks! I like the new format too. Still fiddlin' with it, but I like it better too :)

Hi Cris!
What a day you had!
Thank GOODEness the paint was in the closet and not in the middle of the living room which happened to me once, and I am so blessed to have a carpet cleaner to help me.
I have a pretty fish named Capt. Shineysides.
I will post a picture of him soon, and maybe you can show Miss Add.
Maybe our three fish can become pen pals?
Our fish will come up and suck on our finger, LOL!
But don't tell Miss Add that.
Blessings Cris- it can only get better from here, right?
P.S. Silver goldfish need love, too.
P.P.S. I got your email- but just haven't replied yet- I will! I promise~ soon.

You have multiple Gilberts??? I must say at first I thought that was kind of wierd. But when I thought more about how attached a little kid gets to there stuffed animal and how upset they could become when they can't find it, it's rather genious. I'm sure it has saved you numerous headaches and sleepless nights.

What a fun story can't wait for more! I'm a new follower and thanks for the follow on my blog.

Leslie- I will definitely show her Capt. Shineysides. She absolutely loves her fishies!

Amy- Yes it's true. You'll have to read up on it. Smartest mommy trick in the book.

Amber- Welcome!

And I forgot to tell you, I love the new layout. Much easier to read!

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