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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Totally Random: Canning, Panera Dudes and Dead Water Heaters

Totally random tonight.

Random #1
So I recently had a reunion... El and I are seeing each other again. I kicked her butt the other night. That is the only way to deal with her...just sayin'. Truth be told she got me back though... the next day I had a training workshop and I was on my feet all day, which was made difficult by the after-effects of my dear friend El. I really want to call her a bad name... but I am too classy for that ;)

Random #2
I really need to kick up my veggie tale production if I am going  get all the characters done in time for a certain birthday.

Random #3
Meet my new best friend:  

I am becoming a canning fool! I definitely have the canning bug. 

Pop. Pop. Pop.  

I do a little canning dance every time I hear a seal pop :)

So far I have 23 quarts of beans, 2 quarts of beans and baby red potatoes and 5 quarts of red potatoes... in addition to the 5 bags of beans that I froze earlier in the season. 

I still have tons of taters and I can't wait to dig into maters :)

Salsa, sauce and juice--oh my!

I am gonna need a bigger pantry ;)

Random #4
I am really behind on my 90 day Bible reading... I am beginning to think a year long plan might work better for me. Truth be told, I don't like the pace. I feel rushed and I am not sure it is the right fit for me.

Random #5
I need to fold laundry. Truth be told, I think I need a LAUNDRY-O-RAMA... Just sayin' 

I caught Puddie doing laundry tonight... that is his way of indicating he is out...of everything. Time to do some laundry.

Below are a couple of my recent design projects :)

Random #7
Our water heater died tonight--mid can... Did I mention I heart our Dave Ramsey Emergency Fund. No stress at all... just gotta go get what we need tomorrow and my handy man will take care of it :) I heart him too ;)

Random #8
While at Panera (aka My Office) people say the most interesting things in public...just sayin'. I am not a big people watcher or eaves-dropper... but when you say certain things within ear shot of another, it tends to make it difficult not to listen to what is going on. Don't worry random Panera dude, your secrets are safe with me :) Does make me wonder what folks have overheard me Puddie sayin' over the years though...

Random #9
I was reminded today that something I have said before still remains so true: 
If someone wants to show you their butt--either literally or figuratively--there is really nothing you can do but step aside and let them. It doesn't matter whether they are 2 , 20 , 45 or 90 years old .

Random #10
I think I need to better utilize my closet space.

Well, that is it for tonight :)


8 GOODe Thoughts:

It's so easy to get hooked on canning! I thought I'd try it just one last summer and I've been a canning fool ever since! I know what you mean about the canning dance. As I was reading this, I heard my marmalade jars a-poppin!

I canned so much with my mom and grandmas back in the day.... as a single girl I got out of the habit, but I am thinking about getting back into it next year once all the ruckus outside is done! (see my post for today Saturday)

I so love your randomness and I am jealous of your canning and freezing. I can't seem to find the time for either right now. :-(

Yeah for canning! I love hearing those little pops too! I've been wanting to can some salsa too. I want to can MY recipe though & not use one of those salsa packets. Do you think it would work? I've read where some say you have to use vinegar or lemon or something acidic to help preserve the salsa. But when we can plain tomatoes we don't add anything but a touch of salt. What are your thoughts? How are you canning salsa?

for ^ Terra ^

Tomatoes are on the borderline when it comes to acidity, but when you add in the other items like peppers and onions, you decrease the acidity. I use my own recipe and add lemon juice and vinegar to up the acid levels then can using the water bath method. That being said, we generally use ours within a few months so we've never tested out exactly how long that works and I don't think I'd eat it after it sat on the shelf more than six months :)

#5 and #10 - You need to do some decluttering like me. Less laundry and more closet space!

Jen - Thanks for the input! My recipe only has tomatoes, garlic powder, salt, pickled jalapenos & cilantro. I may have to play with adding some vinegar or lemon & see how it does. Thanks again!

All of this canning is making me tired. I used to can and was always afraid the pressure canner would blow up. We eat fresh out of the garden so I don't can anymore.

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