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Monday, July 19, 2010

GOODe Project: And the Veggie Continues

My veggie tales charms for Miss Add’s birthday cupcakes are finally made.



It is a GOODe thing too because 1) the birthday is this weekend and 2) I got caught mid-veggie last night by a certain three year old who is now convinced that her mommy waits until she goes to bed to play with secret veggie tales toys…


I am glad these little boogers are made… I was beginning to worry that I wasn’t going to get them done.


For step by step pics on how I made Bob and Larry, check out my earlier veggie post.
Below is how I threw together dear Ole Junior :)


I started out with a bit of a cone shape on top and added the whites of my eyes.


Added my nose and the buds on the asparagus.


Finished off with the rest of the eyes, a little teeth action and his little cap.


I then poked toothpicks into the bottom of each character and removed. My plan is to bake them sans toothpick so that I can insert the toothpick for the cupcakes, but remove for playtime afterward.
The letters on the other hand will be baked with the toothpick since that is their only purpose.

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13 GOODe Thoughts:

Aghh Check out those peas too stinking cute!

Those are super-cute, Cris!! Veggie Tales is going to be calling to offer you a job...then Add is going to think you are even MORE awesome! lol!

Those are too cute! I bet you could get a bunch of adults to come over just to make veggie tales critters. :-) Looks like so much fun!

Very creative! I'm going to have to come back to this in November when both my girls add another year.

Very cute Cris!
You are a great mommy to put all the time and love into making it an extra special birthday for Add :)

Very cute! I think I love veggie tales more than my kids! lol. I love that they will be both cupcake toppers and party favors~

I LOVE THEM!!! My kids are HUGE VeggieTale fans! You have done a spectacular job! Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

Those are too cool! I missed the earlier post. Addie is going to flip. Probably not even care about her presents when she sees the cake.

Madam Blueberry is gorgeous!!
I especially love her hat, LOL!!
YOU are THE bestest MOM!!
Can you make my birfday cake? I want a Barbie cake!
YOU rock!
Hugs and blessings to Miss Add!!!

Love, Love, Love these, Chris!!! You are super talented!

I'm so glad you joined in on Mingle Monday. I hope you have a great week.


ON MY! I love this so much!

You did such a great job on these! What a wonderfully frugal, creative and practical idea. Miss Addie is gonna love them for sure.

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