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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GOODe Comfort: Mama's Mac 'n Cheese

Mmmmm... comfort food.

When I am tired, I fix this.

When I am not feeling well, I fix this.

When I am nostalgic, I fix this.

This is a version of my Mama's Mac 'n Cheese... only difference is, she uses Velveeta and I use Kraft singles.

Regardless, it is easy peasy and really cheesy ;)

Ya start out with some elbow macaroni. I prefer my smart taste pasta... makes me feel less guilty.

You boil up your macaroni in some water and a tad bit of salt. No measurements. This is comfort food, so don't make me measure.

Say "Oh shoot" when you realize your macaroni has boiled a little dry... then quickly drain.

Grab your milk and cheese slices... again as much as you like.

 Now prepare yourself for a little cheese meltin' trick.

After drainin' my pasta, I put only half back in the pot...

Then throw in half of my cheese.

Cover with remaining pasta....

And you guessed it-- throw in the rest of the cheese :)

Then stir and the cheese easily melts--super quick like.... ahhhh comfort.

Now add in some milk. I typically just pour it until I can just see it peekin' through.

Add Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper and stir.

And now enjoy.

Now... don't we feel better?

I realize that the ingredient measuring prone are probably irritated at the lack of measuring cups in this post. 

Don't worry, they will return... 

This just wouldn't have been Mama's Mac 'n Cheese if measuring cups had been used in the makin' of this dish... just sayin'

So, just toss those suckers aside and let your heart be your guide ;)


7 GOODe Thoughts:

OH, I so needed to have some goode comfort tonight. I love the lack of measurements btw.

After the rest of my day, I wish I had a pot of that to dig into. It would probably, though, cost me the one pound I did lose this week! Loved meeting your and working with you; your blog school was an awesome experience. I just got slammed with "Mommy we missed you!" followed by me having to say, "I missed you too BUT hurry up and eat so we can get to the fairgrounds by 7:00!" ACK! Back to Mommy world!

Oh that looks yummy. I use velveeta in mine. But I like the elbow noodles you used. I will use those next time. Thanks!

Yummmmm! I may have to try this one and make my kidos happy.

Don't you just LOVE comfort food. Makes me sleepy just looking at it. :-)

I love home made mac & cheese...but my crazy kids love the box best. They just don't know what they are missing, do they?

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