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Friday, July 2, 2010

It's a Goode Life: Random Fridays

I have decided to formalize my totally random posts with my new fancy-shemancey little icon. Probably to partially subside my "lack of Tice Talk posts" guilt--notice the resemblance ;)

Speaking of Tice Talk... I am just gonna tell it to you straight. I ain't feelin' it right now... Just sayin'. I still whole-heartedly love the book and Tice's nuggets of wisdom...and think it will help anyone who is looking to change things in their lives. However, I am struggling to post weekly on the book because this summer is flying by... so I am going to take a Tice vacation and hopefully pick back up when my head is in the game.

Ready, set, random:
  • I totally miss Phil on Deadliest Catch. It still makes me sad that he passed away.
  • Miss Add is sooo into coloring and writing her letters now. It is amazing how quickly they learn.
  • I heart Aldi's (Thanks Miss Leah ;) )
  • I am typing this post on my new Toshiba laptop... after eight more phone calls to HHGregg today. Turns out this HHGregg break-up had to get a little dramatic before things we could part ways... I am too emotionally exhausted to even recount it all ... you know the drill... they said they'd call... they didn't... they said they'd take care of it... they didn't... by the end of the day a great woman in the corporate office (as opposed to the other woman in corporate office who didn't follow through) went the extra mile for me and we got 'er done... I swear I willed this warranty through... just sayin'. Thank heavens it is over. I am still sad I will never shop there again though.
  • I have been officially freelancing for a month now. It has been amazing. I am super busy and super happy. I love what I get to do everyday. :) My friends keep asking me if I got my hair done, lost weight, eyebrows done, wearing my make-up differently...lol! Nope. It is just happiness folks, and apparently I wear it well ;)
  • We have started family devotions at night and I absolutely love it. Tonight Miss Add learned her first Memory Verse... so awesome.
  • I think I have a splinter in my foot.
  • I heart Toshiba...and their lovely, awesome, fantastic laptops...
  • I am blog hoppin' again today :)

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  • We got some radishes, a truck load of taters,  a few cukes and zucchini from our garden so far... yippee! Got any tater recipes???
  • I am reading Mother Teresa: A Simple Path right now. I got it on our library trip. I have always been so drawn to stories about her. She had such an incredible impact... and yet had the same number of hours in the day.
  • Ice Cream Maker Attachment Anyone?

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  • Happy Friday!


5 GOODe Thoughts:

Love the randomness! I might have to start doing this, too.'

It's okay, I'm not feeling the Tice either, but I just ordered a book on organization - "It's All Too Much" by the Clean Sweep guy.

I'm so glad that someone else's life is just as random as mind.

I'm so happy that the freelancing is working out for you.

following you through friendly friday

Ack! Phil died!?! I used to watch Deadliest Catch religiously. Fell off the wagon a little bit this season and haven't been caught up. (Maybe you should have prefaced this post with a spoiler alert?)

Ack! Phil died!?! I used to watch Deadliest Catch religiously. Fell off the wagon a little bit this season and haven't been caught up. (Maybe you should have prefaced this post with a spoiler alert?)

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