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Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's a GOODe Life: Babies

When nosy people (you know who you are... most with names ending in Goode or Benefiel ;) ) pressure me about when we are going to finally "have another"-- after reminding them that we rewarded their impatience last time with a nine year wait-- 

I will show them this:

Woe to a Goode Baby #2... Miss Add keeps her babies in check 'round these parts.

Just sayin'

(And let's just save you and me some time... Nope, not hintin' at anything.)


7 GOODe Thoughts:

Love it! I've pretty much killed the "are you seeing anyone" comments...guess once you hit 30+ people give up on you!

So, I try never to ask anyone when they are going to have their next one, but I was just a little excited that you might be making a big announcement:)

Three people asked me when we were having the third when I was back home this week. I don't think they will ever ask again. They got the point when I screamed never at them!

I was hoping for an annoucement, too!!! You've disapointed me, Cris.

Just keep 'em guessing :)
A little bit of messin' with their minds is harmless enough :)

ha ha....I hated those questions. Thought I was done answering them (I mean seriously...look at my kids and my life and tell me you would want to add another kidder to the craziness)....but then someone asked me again this morning. I just looked @ them like they were a lunatic.

You gotta keep the babies in check, otherwise who knows what they'll get into!!

Just keep 'em guessing :)
A little bit of messin' with their minds is harmless enough :)

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