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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a Goode Life: 10 Things

Just for kicks let's do a little game called 10 things you probably didn't know (but may have suspected) about the Goodes...

#1 We TiVo more kids programs than adult programs.  There is something comforting about having that kiddie crack on demand and I am woman enough to admit it.

#2 About once a year Puddie gives us a scare with some self-inflicted accidental injury. Whether it be sawing off part of his hand with the Christmas tree trunk or busting his hand up with a fight with the ceiling fan, he does it up right.

#3 In reference to #2, we are all good for this year. Tonight Puddie lopped off the tip of his thumb while cutting up onions for our veggie soup. Fear not, the soup and 5/6ths of the thumb survived.

#4 There is not a single picture on my picture wall that is hanging straight... It is a talent. I am available for consultations.

#5 I really thoroughly enjoy helping Puddie to cut and stack firewood.

#6 Currently 2 of our Gilmore Girls DVDs are being held captive in our broken DVD player. :( I am about to start a "Puddie Please Save the Girls" campaign.

#7 In other uncooperative appliances news, we currently have a ceiling fan (the one I CAN find light bulbs for) that suddenly refuses to shut off the light when requested. This is in addition to a light fixture that refuses to turn on... I think my house is turning on me.

#8 In our house fruit snacks are called  "ponies" and Capri Sun is called "box juice".

#9 After 9 months of no wasps, I have seen 2 wasps in the floor in the wee hours of the morning in the last week since blogging about it... weird. Do you think Puddie is putting them there to mess with me?

#10 Reports are that Big is living large with our Amish friends. He has taken quiet the liking to life on the farm and they have taken a liking to him. Their only disappointment is that he likes to spend so much of his time with... you guessed it, the sheep!

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