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Friday, February 12, 2010

It's a Goode Life: Stung

During the wee hours of the morning a blog idea came to mind.  Ya see I am committed to ya'all even at 4 am in the morning ;).

I was on my regular potty break and as I walked into our master bath, immediately I thought, "look for wasps". Truth be told I "look for wasps" every morning at 4 am and again at 6 am.

Sure this sounds crazy and I might very well be crazy, but one thing is certain--I am not crazy for "looking for wasps".

You'd agree with me if you experienced the "Great Wasp Sting (GWS) of the Summer of 2009". I wake up sleepy-eyed one morning and stroll into my bathroom to be rudely brought to wide-awake status by a wasp that clearly did not appreciate that he was awaken by the bottom of my bare foot. It was not a good scenario for either of us--however, admittedly worse for the wasp : /.

Now, I have not been stung since I was a child and I have to tell you that little booger hurt me whole darn leg all darn day!

So fast forward to this morning (and every other morning since the GWS) and like clockwork I hear myself say "look for wasps". Then I get to thinking about how the GWS was just one morning of 365 over the past year and how that one bad experience is seared into my mind and has forever changed my morning routine.

Then I of course start analyzing life because a wasp sting can't just remain a wasp sting in my world... I have to "learn" something from it...lol!

It got me thinking that I remember every time I have ever been stung. Seriously. Where I was, how old I was, the whole scenerio... Yet, I can't tell you the same details about every precious holiday or birthday....

Negative thoughts and experiences stick with you. Change you sometimes. Positive ones can too, but they seem to be harder to hold on to...they don't always stick the same way.

The trick is to focus on the positive and get as much mileage out of it as possible to move you forward. Constantly look for new positive fuel for your fire and avoid the negative when possible because when it burns you, it tends to scar. I don't mean bury your head in the sand... I am serious about "looking for wasps" afterall...but if that little wasp has the power change my life, I can't imagine what a positive fire toward a goal I choose could do in my life vs. just letting life happen to me...

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