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Monday, February 22, 2010

Goode Goodeness: Breakfast, It's What's For Dinner. But should it be?

Tonight was Breakfast for Dinner Night at the Goodes.

Truth be told, I have a love/hate relationship with this concept.

I heart food. Shocker, right?

I am a calorie-collector you could say. But unless I want to be as big as a house I have learned I have to choose a limited number of calories each day...And, Breakfast has always struggled to "sell" me on its the worth in the calories department.

Back in the day, I would only splurge on Breakfast cals when my Daddy would take me to breakfast bright and early every Saturday morning. I would get biscuits and gravy... I heart biscuits and gravy. (Truth be told, I hearted those breakfasts even more than the B'n'G.)

I also loved my mom's French toast and can remember waking in the morning to that smell and being so excited. She made the best French toast.

Anyhow, pretty much any other time breakfast was involved I kind of felt it was a waste of calories, so I would eat healthy for breakfast and splurge my calories on more important matters like pizza and cookies... I was such a health nut ;)

I recall being bummed anytime someone would suggest the Breakfast for Dinner concept. Why anyone in their right mind would choose pancakes over lasagna was beyond me.

But then, I became a busy adult and eventually the concept grew on me... I am still conflicted on this, but apparently I am somewhat of a breakfast for dinner gal because I had French Toast and Scrambled Eggs tonight and loved it...

But something isn't sitting right with me, so I feel the need to make a love/hate list before sharing my French toast recipe...

Perhaps it is my need to be honest with you. I mean you could go around thinking "Oh, she is one of THOSE breakfast for dinner types" and you would be sooo wrong. But hey--that is what you get for being so judgemental...

Back to the list. Why I love/hate breakfast food for dinner.

LOVE: Can eat leftovers tomorrow morning without feeling guilty about eating dinner for breakfast.

HATE: That breakfast foods don't seem to go well together. I ate my French Toast and then my Scrambled Eggs (w/ketchup :) ) because it seemed weird to me to eat them together...

LOVE: You can eat ketchup with a lot of breakfast foods ;) I heart ketchup. Seriously. I could eat ketchup for dinner.

HATE: Grits. Seriously. Sand in a bowl.

LOVE: Lots of fiber rich/fiber enhanced food is available for breakfast foods. From the new FiberOne pancake mix to oatmeal, there are a lot of healthy breakfast foods that are pretty tasty and an easy way to stay on track at dinner if you opt for the Breakfast for Dinner option.

HATE: That restaurants can't seem to figure out how to put all of your breakfast on one plate. Seriously... I do not need 10 plates for one meal.

LOVE: That I can quickly cook up a whole loaf of my mama's French toast (sans fat/sugar; added fiber) and freeze it up and have it for breakfast during the work week.

So, tonight I made up a batch of my twist on Mama's French Toast.

I started with my favorite bread in the whole wide world. (Sometimes I use low cal bread, but tonight I was out so I went with what I had on hand.)

I heart this bread. It is high in fiber, fantastic in taste and decent in the calorie department.

First I take  1/2 cup Splenda (take care this is the only "real" measurement in this recipe ;) )

Sprinkle on some cinnamon

Ok, I mean  A LOT of cinnamon

Then add an egg...

And four whites...

Now you could do this separately (no pun intended) and then add it in, but I choose to live dangerously.

Wisk'er up

Then add some vanilla. (and when you do it make sure the vanilla is in focus as you take your picture ;) )

No measurement-- Mama wouldn't have it that way ;) (1 T-ish)

Then attempt to keep the milk in focus and fail miserably ;) My cooking photog skills are apparently rusty.

No milk measurements either. Just until it "looks right." My guess is about 3-4 cups.

Wisk'er up again

K, my lack of focus here turned out pretty cool and swirly ;)

Spray the griddle with cooking spray...

Oh and remember to turn on both burners... not saying I forgot one of them or anything. Let's just say the back half of my griddle wasn't quite as warm as it could have been until my last batch... and I was puzzled as to why.

Dunk your bread. Both sides please.

Then lay 'er out on the griddle.

Don't mind that some are more cinnamon-ney than others, it all evens out in the end... and this just proves that despite my every effort, I am far from perfect...darn!

Let them get crispy on each side.

Side Note:  Did you know that CRISPY is my spell check name... Can't tell you how many times spell check has led me (and others...lol) astray on this.

Dear Crispy, ...lol

Anyhow, stack 'em up. Eat' em up. Freeze 'em up. You're done!

So what is your verdict? Where do you fall on such a controversial subject as Breakfast for Dinner?

With Love,

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