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Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's a Goode Life: Random Thursday

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. So this blog is going to be pretty random.

First, I miss ya'all. When I first started bloggin I never realized how fulfilling it would be for me. I also never realize how accountable it would make me for my goals and how I spend my time. I love how it makes me a more authentic me... if that makes sense. It re-enforces my goals and dreams and the support of you ladies plays a huge role in that.

Random starts now:

Monkey fell the other day doing what two year-olds do best... running 90 miles an hour without looking where she was going... Hmmm maybe 31 year olds do that too sometimes--figuratively.

This little scrape on her eye has all but healed now, but to mama it was an awful gaping gash on my poor baby. Reminds me of something I was told before I had Add... that pregnancy was tough but nothing like motherhood. That during pregnancy you are so protective of that little heart inside of you, but in motherhood it is so much harder because your heart now lives outside your body. Ain't that the truth.

I think that is why God made daddies. If it weren't for her daddy, my baby would have no fun. Mama would have her wrapped up in bubble wrap...

Add has been a barrel of laughs lately.

She has the strangest requests and statements.

She keeps asking me to say the Pledge. Out of no where?!? It took me a while to even figure out that she meant THE  Pledge. She absolutely loves it. I guess she is patriotic--which is awesome.

This week she walked up to her Grandma and said "Grandma, I have a hypothesis." Lol! This was clearly learned on PBS but cute none the less... I keep laughing... my daughter still potties in her pants, but she has a hypothesis dag-gone-it. Maybe she can enlighten me?

Potty training is a roller coaster. Tonight she did AWESOME. No accidents and 4 times to the potty. WooHoo!

Now if you don't have kiddos you may find this boring, but I am telling you there are few things more exciting than when the peepee makes it to the potty vs. your carpet.

I got rid of my beloved kitties because they started "going"on my carpet...and Mike says that isn't an option for Miss Add...so we have gots to find a solution here.

FPU is going great. It is amazing. I keep counting my blessings that God opened the opportunity to attend the classes when He did. I also get a kick out of everyone we meet that has been through it. Everyone has the same reaction. They swear it is the best thing ever... and we are finding that we are going to be just like them in the end... we love it. While the numbers don't always add up easy, I am at so much more peace knowing where everything is and "making it behave". And ladies and gentleman... I am starting to LOOOOVVVVEEE Excel.  I am a sucker for learning a new software program when I give it half a chance. Excel and me--we have become quite good friends. ;)

I have an ice cream problem. Enough said about that.

I am so excited about a faux-remodel we are thinking of for our bedroom.  This will hopefully proceed a real remodel of the master bath in the near future thanks to FPU, but one step at a time. There are parts of our bedroom that have just made me unhappy. The blinds bugged me, the nightstands annoy me and the room just isn't the sanctuary I think it should be... so I got to thinking how we could move things around and not spend money and I came up with a fantastic idea that I absolutely LOVE. Once we get some pieces done I will share more. But the best part is we have everything we need (minus paint) and can do it for nothing:) Yay!

And last, but not least-- I finally built a fire this evening! (Let's not discuss its current status though--ok?)

2 GOODe Thoughts:

All I've got to say is, "Dinosaur train....dinosaur train....we'llllll rrriiiiiide dinosaur trainnnnnnn....Woooot wooot!!" LOL

Just can't get over how much our girls are alike! Scary!!

All I've got to say is, "Dinosaur train....dinosaur train....we'llllll rrriiiiiide dinosaur trainnnnnnn....Woooot wooot!!" LOL

Just can't get over how much our girls are alike! Scary!!

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