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Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's a Goode Life: Lil' Miss Manners

At our last trip to the Pediatrician, the Doc mentioned that Miss Add had great manners.

The trip was filled with "Please" and "Thank Yous" as are many of our outings. Many folks often give Add a pat on the back for her Goode Manners.

I share this info not to brag...(as you will soon learn this has little to do with my parenting skills) but rather to set the stage for the story behind Lil' Miss Manners.

You see, the manner police around here is not Mommy as some might suspect, but instead Daddy.


Big Ole tough railroading Mike doubles as Emily Post around here ;)

You can overhear his lectures on the importance of "Excuse mes" and "Bless yous" quite regularly.

And for the most part Miss Add picks up on them pretty quickly. She says "No thanks", 'Thank you", "Please", "Excuse me", "Bless you" and my personal favorite: "Good bye boys and girls".

However there was one she had a little trouble with the other night.

I was listening in as Daddy went right into correction mode and began to instruct Miss Add.

"Move Daddy"

"Addie, you don't say move."

"Please Daddy???"

"You say Excuse Me"

"Excuse me"

"Good! Let's try again."

"Move, Daddy...please?"

"No, what do you say... Excuse Me"

"Excuse me"

"Great job! Now move so Daddy can go get firewood."


He didn't even realize that he said move until I started laughing hysterically.

I guess this falls into the "do as I say, not as I do" parental category.

Get used to it Miss Add. If I know your parents at all, I doubt this will be the last time ;)

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