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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Super Mommy Secrets: Healthy Snacks

As a mom, finding healthy snacks for Miss Add are important to me... and equally important for this cookin' mama is ways of keeping it fun.

So, I thought in today's Super Mommy Secrets, I would share with you one of our favorite little snacks:

Fruit Tacos- Yum!!

I am kicking myself because I didn't take pics, but this one is pretty easy... so hang with me.

All you do is lightly toast a soft taco shell in a skillet and then fill it with your favorite fruit. If you want a little added sweetness, just add a very light dusting of powdered sugar.

Or, for a different twist, place a thin coat of cream cheese before placing fruit in.

Our standard Fruit Taco is Strawberry Kiwi, but we have used blueberries, raspberries and bananas before.

I bet you could even do a twist using apples and sharp cheeses.

When I asked all those great Super Mommies over on our Facebook Fan Page how they kept snacks healthy and fun, they gave me all kinds of great ideas!

Inquiring mamas want to know... what healthy snacks do your kiddos love? Or, how do you keep healthy snacks fun at your house?
Sunday at 6:08pm ·  ·  · Promote

    • Lana Lyons Wallpe String cheese and mandarin oranges go over well.
      Sunday at 6:12pm · 

    • Karen Werner Walters My 10-yr old daughter prefers non-healthy snacks. Yes, yes...I know...all my fault! She will eat apples, clementines, bananas, grapes. She likes celery w/peanut butter, will munch on carrots, and LOVES strawberries with whipped cream or dipped in chocolate.
      Sunday at 6:29pm · 

    • Tina Lee George Apples dipped in peanut butter, oranges, Fiber One granola bars and mozzarella string cheese (they come in assorted cheeses now) are faves with my grandkids at my house!
      Sunday at 6:51pm · 

    • Allison Walls Mckenna Favorites in my house include celery cut into matchstick pieces, baby carrots, string cheese, raisins, bananas, grapes, and oranges :-) Oh and she likes fruit smoothies too.
      Sunday at 7:00pm · 

    • Sheri L Fuchser Im very lucky my kids like healthy things - sliced up apples, oranges, bunches of grapes, granola bars. And there is "junk" in the pantry, too, but they always opt for the healthier things.
      Sunday at 7:45pm · 

    • Jill Reinhart We do cheese and wheat thins a lot, sometines with sommersausage :)
      Sunday at 9:05pm · 

So how do you keep those kiddos snacks happy and healthy?

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6 GOODe Thoughts:

Yum fruit tacos! We do a lot of raisins, sliced up fruit, cheese chunks and string cheese, whole wheat crackers and our nightly snack before bed is yogurt. Usually we have some grapes or berries with the yogurt. Our girls love it. They don't really know there are "unhealthy" snacks. :)

I'm lovin' the fruit tacos too! I hope there are leftovers for the girls! ;-)

I never would have thought of a fruit taco! Great idea. :-)

Yum! I am going to have to try those. My girls like hummus with wheat thins...i think that is weird because they are so picky about all other foods.

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