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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Havarti Grilled Cheese with a Side of Jungle Jim's

In honor of a recent trip to Jungle Jim's - aka Food Disney World- I thought I'd share a simple twist to a GOODe Ole favorite-- Grilled Cheese.

Some Fair Oaks Havarti Cheese made the cut in my Jungle Jim purchases...

Truth be told, I had never tasted Havarti cheese until recently... after hearing my dairy gal pals go on and on about it...

So, when I wanted to make the fam some grilled cheese sandwiches the other day (I tend to make comfort food when Mother Nature refuses to let winter go despite what the ground hog says...) I decided to fancy it up a bit with some Havarti cheese.

I melted 1 T of butter in my iron skillet

Placed a slice of bread down on the butter and sliced up some Havarti cheese. 

Now, while shopping at Jungle Jim's is fun, you can totally pick up some of this buttery cheese at Aldi's.

Put a lid on it with another slice of bread

And flip!


Our trip was a perfect case study in the power of influence... Just sayin'

Every item I purchased was by the suggestion of someone in our group... except for the Diet Coke... which is a whole other case study.

Irish butter also made the cut thanks to Miss Leah (and Miss Liz)... They swooned over its heavenliness...

And then our friend Leontien from the Netherlands got to influencing...

When she told us that this was THE best chocolate in the world...

And some got two!

Leontien also introduced us to these heavenly chocolate curls and sprinkles that you eat on toast that are amazing...

Watching Leontien find some of her homeland favorites was definitely a highlight of the trip...

She was particularly excited about this ketchup... Sister-friend I would so be lost without my Heinz so I could appreciate her excitement!

Each of us found our own little paradise there... Miss Marybeth swooned over the Asian food aisles... her small town just carries ramen noodles...

Miss Leah was all about the aisles of wine...

And Honey Crisp Apples

And, you don't mess with Miss Liz's Cheese Curds... just sayin'

And, Miss Megan found some never-seen-before Toll House finds ;)

Best part? 

The sprinkles and chocolate bar packaging was completely in dutch... so, I am sure that means if I can't read the calories--they must not count... just sayin'


7 GOODe Thoughts:

Monthly Jungle Jim trips might be a must.

I have never heard of Jungle Jim's before, but I feel like I'm missing out!

My husband thinks Honey Crisp apples are the greatest creation EVER!

Ok What the heck is Jungle Jim's I'm pretty sure there is no such thing up my way! I'm going to Google it now! So glad you all had such a fun time. It makes me smile!

I'm with Leah! Except next time we get carts!

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I can't wait to check out all your recipes.

I have never heard of Jungle Jim's before, but I feel like I'm missing out!

My husband thinks Honey Crisp apples are the greatest creation EVER!

My dad is from Holland so I grew up with those chocolate sprinkles. Yum! I haven't had Havarti grilled cheese though. You can bet I'll be trying that one! ~Great blog, by the way.

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