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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Super Mommy Secrets: Keeping the Kids Safe and Smart Online

Tonight's Super Mommy Secrets are based off of a question I posted last week on the GOODEness Gracious Facebook Page.

When I speak to groups of women about the fun and influence of social media, one of the questions I almost always get is:

"What can I do to keep my teens/tweens safe and SMART while online/facebook/texting?"

Now Miss Add is a little young yet ;) So, I don't have any real life experience on this one. But moms ask me about this all the time, so I thought I'd turn to the real experts--you!

Here is what some of our GOODe Facebook Super Mommies do:

Super Mommy Shawn has her son's passwords and he knows mom will be checking his accounts regularly. She also sets his privacy settings very strict.

Super Mommy Jill focuses on communication and filters. She also checks personal and school accounts regularly with her daughter's knowledge.

Super Mommy Tresa spot checks cell phones and requires approval for all new contacts. She has a 3 strikes your out rule and reminds that Facebook is designed for ages 13 and older. If/When Facebook is allowed in her home, she plans on being the keeper of the password and logging her daughter on and off.

Super Mommy Terra has passwords and an understanding to stay off her daughter's Facebook, but reserves the right to check it if she wants. Same goes for the cell phone. She also has detailed billing that highlights unknown #s. She limits Facebook Friends to people her daughter knows in real life and also keeps the strictest privacy settings. Terra reminds that it is all about knowing the child, how much to trust them and parenting accordingly.

Super Mommy Tammy recommends to treat the internet and phones as privileges, not necessities. She recommends getting to know the sites your children like to visit. Although Tammy's son is grown now, she shares that she didn't allow computers in bedrooms, but instead they were required to be kept in a family space. Another tip Tammy shared is to not activate texting and internet options on children's cell phones.

Great tips ladies! While everyone may parent differently, I know I learned a lot of great ideas to share with other mom's when talking about keeping our kids safe and smart online.

What are your rules/suggestions?


2 GOODe Thoughts:

Those all sound like really good ideas. I especially like the idea of treating these things as privileges, not rights - and knowing their passwords. It doesn't hurt that they have to be held accountable and know that you're going to be checking up on them regularly.

Good suggestions!
I'm glad that all of our kids are grown up !!
We still have the computer in a central location and have filters that keep out the junk.
Have a safe day :)

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