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Friday, September 17, 2010

GOODe Confessions: I'm a Lousy Daughter

So... I am blessed with amazing, thoughtful, wonderful.... did I mention amazing parents?

That is what makes this confession so much more difficult to confess... 

A couple weeks ago I get a call from my mom. She asks me to dinner with her and dad...for their anniversary... which I had forgotten until that moment.

I agree to meet them and hang up...feeling crummy that I forgot their big day and didn't call or send a card. But I was also wondering why on earth she wanted to spend their anniversary with lil' ole me??? 

Then it hit me.

This was their 35th anniversary... and I--bad daughter that I am-- did not plan a party, cake or even dinner at their favorite restaurant to celebrate the occasion for the mother that makes sure that no matter what I have a red velvet birthday cake with cream cheese icing every July.

How pray-tell did I figure out that it was their 35th wedding anniversary after this --now humiliating-- call? I do a little math and realize that I made the same dern mistake 10 years ago when I missed their 25th! 

I told you I was a lousy daughter.

Miss Add remembered. She brought them a handmade card and some Scratchy Pancakes cause Papaw loves peach anything!

After some ribbin' about all the forgettin', my parents were quite forgivin'

Ya see, I told them that me and Aunt Lou were waitin' until their 40th to make sure this thing was gonna last before investin' in a party and all.

They laughed. (I still felt horrible.)

Truth be told, once I pulled out the secret weapon--Miss Add-- all was well.

She tends to bring out the silver lining in any cloud :)

She did some colorin' with Memaw...

And got in some "boy" trouble with Papaw. Note: Boy's face is blurred out to protect him from Miss Add's dad ;)

After dinner, Miss Add had to check out Papaw's ride... MUCH to mama's dismay.

Ok... it suits her a little.

Not enjoying this part.

At. All.

Don't worry. They just scooted along the parking lot... still wasn't liking it though...

That's my baby right there. 

I have invested a lot of hours in that one :)

As we sing 'round these parts (a la Toby Mac) "Shake it, don't break it. Took my mama nine months to make it."

Pretty soon the ride was over and my heart returned to my chest.

We gave our hugs

And said our goodbyes.

And I went home covered in my shameful thoughtlessness.

You better believe that every electronic calendar I own has a big ole note for the big 4-0.

I might just start planning now. Lord knows I need to do somethin' amazin'.

Any suggestions?


4 GOODe Thoughts:

hi sweetie!
Loved the post and loved the pics!
And don't you worry, every girl is a lousy daughter every now and then... :-)

a big hug

I think your parents would say otherwise on the "lousy daughter" thought!

lol. I LOVE that pic of Miss Add on the bike! Too cute!

Those anniversaries seem to creep up on us. Next Feb. will be my parents' 30th. Maybe I should do something?

From one lousy feeling daughter to the other...I think it turned out quite alright. Praise God you had the ultimate secret weapon! :)

And yes...the 40th is going to have to be the biggest shindig ever seen in Paoli...we have a LOT of making up to do!

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