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Monday, August 23, 2010

It's a GOODe Life: Randomly Yours

  • I am preparing for some changes to GOODe Ole GOODEness Gracious in the future. I am hoping to add a recipe box that finally organizes all the recipes I have shared here. I may make a few other changes... Anything you would like to see?
  • I am in a reading mood... just ask Amazon... Currently, I am fascinated by The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott. Whatcha readin'?
  • I read somewhere that the difference between where you are now and where you will be in 5 years is the books you read and the people you surround yourself with... Anyone know where that saying came from? I'd love to know... I really think it is so true.
  • I am not doing to hot on my Diet Coke reduction... and truth be told-- I'm not caring so much, even though I know I hypothetically want to care...just sayin'
  • Change is constant, futile to fight, yet difficult to fully embrace 100 percent all of the time...just sayin'
  • I think I am addicted to Fruity Pebbles...
  • I am ready for sweatshirt weather, apple pickin' and corn mazin'
  • September is gonna be one busy month for this mama... Lots of new fun work projects :)
  • I really like Traminette Wine... I am not a huge wine drinker (beyond soft red), so I was a little surprised at how much I like it...
  • Technology boggles my mind.... I grew up in the age of the microwave, CD players and "car" phones... it really makes me wonder what the world will be like when Miss Add is 30 errr-ish.
  • Ringing phones FREAK Miss Add out... guess she isn't a fan of the disruption.
  • I just found out Michael Tait (formerly of the greatest band ever- dcTalk) is now with Newsboys... where have I been??? Oh and I am SOOO a Newsboys fan now ;)


8 GOODe Thoughts:

Let's see......
Anything I want to see... maybe blogging tips?
What am I reading? Just finished Drew Brees' book, and now I am on to The Help.
Your saying about books and friends? Google have several hits, but I never saw the whole package???
Caffeine? I had to have some coffee myself this morning to finally wake up before lunch!
I might be driving a combine in September! I never made it the whole way up the ladder last year! YIKES!
I'm going to have to try that wine! This is the second time I have read about it today!
Your mind is boggled by technology? I grew up with a b/w TV, a party line phone, and no dishwasher until I was a teenager!
I am so sad to say I have never heard of either of your bands! Will have to check them out!

Yea, you liked traminette!!! Cheers!

Hi Cris!
I am ready for fall too! Even though we had a really, really short summer. I have always been a fan of fall and the harvest, canning, leaves changing, etc.
Hope you have a great week!

Pie is okay with the phone, but we just discovered yesterday she has a new fear of the vaccuum. She flipped out! Poor thing...

<3,<3,<3 your page!!!! i have given up southern style sweet tea(yummmm ) it's 2 cups of sugar seemed to huddle on my hips and mid section!! I now drink Fuze Tropical Punch drinks...yummm they have like 10 calories and og of sugars!!! I have droppped 20 pounds so far!!! I will be trying some of the yummy recipes also!!!! I wish there were more without peppers and mushrooms!!! Have a Blessed week!!!!! :)

Oooo, I will certainly enjoy the recipe box!

I, too, am longing for the crisp fall air of September and October.

The Newsboys are still together? Who knew?

I hope you can break the diet coke addiction. I'm hooked on coffee, but I usually drink it black. Have you ever tried LaCroix or even the Kroger brand sparking water w/some fresh lime and/or lemon juice? If you are hooked on diet coke, you will hate it! But if you drink enough of it...you might acquire a taste! It satisfies the urge for something refreshing and carbonated, w/out the calories or artificial sweetener chemicals.

Love the randomness! And that quote you posted came from Charlie "Tremendous" Jones. Enjoy the Fruity Pebbles!

Love the randomness! And that quote you posted came from Charlie "Tremendous" Jones. Enjoy the Fruity Pebbles!

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