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Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a GOODe Life: Old Fashion Family Slideshow

The last few weekends we Goodes have been runnin' here, there and yonder for family BBQs, visits and reunions.

Which has left us feeling blessed and exhausted ;)

And has left me with tons of fun family pics :)

Like these pics of little cousin Carson.

Isn't he a cutie?

He was born just a couple months before Miss Add.

Miss Add loves hanging with her cousins.

I got a kick out of calling her, Carson and Carson's older sister Mackenzie the three Musketeers ;)

Speaking of Mackenzie... 

Isn't she a doll?

Oh and I took a *few* pics of Miss Add too ;)


And a pic or two of GOODe Ole Aunt Lou...

So, I'm a little camera happy...

It's my thing... you don't have to like it...

But you DO have to smile...

Ok... Maybe you don't have to smile ;)

But ya ain't gonna make me go away :)

With so many beautiful moments and people to capture...

I just can't help myself...

Just sayin'

So welcome to my version of an old fashion after dinner slide show of people you don't know... ;)

Ya know... the ones where you feel obligated to look and act interested?


A GOODe and SCORCHING hot time was had by all.


7 GOODe Thoughts:

I LOVE the slide show! Of course, I know everyone in it, so it MIGHT make it a tidbit more enjoyable for me to see. :) I love when you are at a family function for many reasons...and the fact that we will always have amazing pictures when you are there is one of them. :) Love ya!!!

What wonderful photos!!! My favorite, and yes I had to count down to make sure I get it - is #11 of your daughter. That is a stunning photo!! How darling! And then of course The Three Musketeers. Thanks for posting. We love these. :-)

You're right, I don't know these people! BUT... I still was smiling after looking through them and thinking about all my own summer reunion memories. (and, I have to say, every time I see a pic of Lou, I can't help but think, "goodness those two look alike!")

Sweet, sweet pictures...I love the sepia ones. I don't know why that effect makes things look so much cooler...

i love the 21st picture, what a great shot! All these were really great, I love taking pictures too and you captured some wonderful moments!

You will treasure these pics for such a long, long time! :)

Beautiful pictures! It's always good to keep those we love right where we can see them!

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