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Friday, August 27, 2010

GOODe Grief: Spam

Can someone tell me why there is spam?

Advertising... not the meat.

I guess you could tell me about the meat too... because it really doesn't appeal to me, but I hear it is popular in some cultures...

Anyhoo... back to my current annoyance.

Perhaps I am naive, but one would think that spam would only exist if it worked... as if flooding my inbox, blog comments and facebook friend requests... produced some sort of result for these spammers.

Does it really work??? Seriously?

With all the computer security risks, not to mention the lack of any kind of marketing appeal...who on God's green earth is clicking those dag-gone things?

I really love Blogger's new spam filter, but it seems as though my spam has increased since it launched... even though their lengthy comments full of garbage aren't getting published.

Who is paying these people to do this and why?

Somebody educate me... give me a link or something...

How on earth is spam profitable?

And, how do we work together to make it unprofitable so that it will go away.

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