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Monday, June 27, 2011

If you give a gal a bucket...

Have you ever read the great children's books by Laura Numeroff  like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? We just LOVE them around here.

So, when the Red Hill General Store sent me this lovely galvanized tub from their Bucket Outlet and asked me to write about what I would do with it, I immediately thought of those books and came up with my own little version ;) I present to you... If You Give A Gal a Bucket...

If you give a gal a bucket...

She'll might just ask her facebook community what to do with it...

And they might just give her all kinds of ideas that will make her want to...

Fill it with Gal's INFAMOUS Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins... and that will make her thirsty...

So she'll fill it with one of her favorite beverages...

Ice cold beverages... which will make her hubby want to ice down some of his favorite beverages...

Which will make her want to ice down some Indiana wine... 

Including some Watermelon Wine...

Which will make her want to slice up some watermelon...

Yummy red juicy watermelon...

Which will entice her daughter to sneak a piece...

Which will make her think that her Facebook pals had some really great ideas...

But then she will realize that there is one suggestion that her hubby might just take a little too far... Just sayin'

Which will make her wonder what she should do with that bucket now...

While Red Hill General Store did provide me with a bucket to blog about for this post the pictures, ideas and opinions shared here are my own and I am sure they never intended a grown man to attempt to take a bath in a 3.7 Gallon Tub... Just sayin'

If you would like to win a galvanized embossed tub (without bathing grown man-- he's all mine ladies), head on over to Real Farmwives of America and Friends for a chance to win.

And, if you want to see what the other farm gals did with their buckets, check out RFOA's Facebook page that has all of our blogs in one place!

Photobucket Links featured on GOODEness Gracious are often affiliate links. GG often receives products for free to review. GG opinions are however very much Cris' own. Just try to get her to say something she doesn't believe in... dare ya ;) If you have any questions about the products or recommendations found on this blog, just pop us an email :)

20 GOODe Thoughts:

I am still laughing with tears rolling down my face at your hubby! Can I pin that photo?

Oh my goodness gracious. You are hysterical!

Too funny Cris! That hubby of yours...

So glad your tub brought so many ideas and laughter to your home.

I feel so sorry for your neighbors if they were outside during Mikey's photo shoot! Leave it to Mikey...disturbing and comical all in one!

Had to stop by again, one of our gals in customer service wanted us to point out that if Mikey is really wanting a tub to take a bath in he should check out some of our larger galvanized tubs

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. What a great way to start the day, with fun and laughter.

Great post! That muffin recipe is the best. I made a batch a few months ago and my brother ate half the batch in one sitting. I suppose I should put my last can of pumpkin to use and make some more. :)

Great way to save the best for last. LOVE it!

All I can say is.... Goodeness Gracious!!!

Nothing insecure about that guy! LOL What a character!
P.S. All your other photos are so gorgeous... just sayin'

Hahahahahahahahahah, well that is ONE thing I DID NOT THINK OFF!!!!

Thanks for making my night!

Oh my goodeness. Too funny. Well except for the watermelon wine. That one's all sorts of interesting. Hmmm...

Love the post! Read that book so many times when I was teaching. Your version is great!

@Cranberry Morning...just what did you mean exactly about the "other" photos being gorgeous??? :)

Yes, and I love those books. My grandkids love "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" and "If You Give a Pig a Party." Your take on it is truly a great one. Love the picture of your hubby. What a hoot!

That's more than I bargained for!
(And probably your neighbors, too.)

For creativity, I'm saying this was my favorite blog idea with the bucket.

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