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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summertime Kitchen Tips

Dear Reader,
I just heart summer-- don't you?

Lightin' bugs, sprinklers, fresh veggies, camp fires, grillin' and summer nights just make me smile.

Now, truth be told, I do like my air conditioning too... just sayin'

With so many things vying for my attention this summer, I gots to thinkin' about the summer tips that let me enjoy cooking up a storm while still participating in all the fun.

So, I put together this little list and would love to hear what you other Super Mommies out there do to keep the masses fueled up and ready for all their summer time play.

Summertime Kitchen Tips
  1. Don't Heat Up the Kitchen. Crockpots aren't just for wintertime stews.

    The programmable ones are quite handy to put dinner on in the morning and head out to the park or pool and come home to a cool kitchen and piping hot dinner at night.

    I love to cook up some pork loin for some pulled pork sandwiches or pull a June Cleaver and have a whole chicken or yummy pot roast waiting for the crew.

    You can even make oeey gooey lasagna in a slow cooker.

    My crockpot is definitely a year-round bff 'round these parts... just sayin'

  2. Freezin' and Grillin' Go Well Together. I wouldn't be the FREEZE-O-RAMA mama if I didn't tell you over and over again how my freezer saves me so much time and that is very true during the summer too!

    I love to season my ground beef with Lawry's salt and pepper and freeze them in pattie form to be able to throw burgers on the grill straight from the freezer.

    I also love to freeze up all kinds of marinades so that my chicken or pork can marinade while it thaws in a water bath during summertime afternoons before making their appearance grill-side in the evenings.

  3. Nuke It Baby. I have to admit, I didn't know what kind of friend my microwave could be before I started cookin' with my bloggy pal Leah.

    From using a Micro Cooker to cook up raw or frozen meat--not to mention veggies or pasta-- to melting the marshmallows for fruity pebbles or rice crispy treats to even cooking up corn on the cob in 6 minutes flat, Miss Leah has broadened my horizons when it comes to my microwave-- letting me get home cooked meals done fast-- without the headache of heating up the whole kitchen!

    What summertime cookin', grillin' or kitchen tips do you have?

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4 GOODe Thoughts:

That grilled pork? and corn on the cob looks fantastic. Think I'm going to go start supper (aka 'dinner'). :-)

Okay, now I am extremely hungry...and I just had a piece of pie!

I keep cooked ground beef or ground pork in the freezer. Perfect for tacos or maidrites! I also keep cooked bacon and chicken in the freezer for other meals that I might make.

Love your idea of freezing meat in the marinade by the way. I will have to try it out!

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